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September 16, 2009 (DTF Message Boards)
"Next year will start R&D on my lifetime commitment AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS." 
- Guillermo del Toro Gomez1

The big budget version of At the Mountains of Madness is scheduled for release by Universal Pictures in 2013, mainly driven by Guillermo del Toro (no relation to Benicio), who burst onto the global scene in 1993 with Cronos, rising out of the jungles of Mexico like some unspeakable old one with 9 academy awards in Mexico and gaining acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival. His most respected films are El espinazo del diablo (The Devil's Backbone) and El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth), but the audience be more prone to recognize him as the director of Mimic, Blade II, and the Hellboy franchise. He is directing the two-part prequel The Hobbit***, and is rumoured to be working on Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a remake of Slaughterhouse Five, and a film version of Charles Dickens' unfinished novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood.2 There is also much anticipiation of his upcoming adaption of the Dallas series of 1980's American television, The Eternal Immolation of J.R. Ewing, featuring Kiefer Sutherland in the title role in lieu of Larry Hagman, who is otherwise occupied with his efforts in combatting global psoriasis and breeding genetically-engineered manatees to aquarium size, an endeavor known as The Manhagman Project.3 Interestingly, Sr. Del Toro Gomez is also interested in the video game genre, predicting the imminent appearance of "an earthshaking Citizen Kane of games."4 Moreover, if you stare at a photograph of Guillermo at 4:15 AM on a Saturday morning in a Nevada casino hotel suite with a 24-ounce can of Miller Lite whilst under the influence of Resveratrol dietary supplements and 800 mg Ibuprofin, and you fuzz your eyes just right, you can imagine his beard and shaggy locks of hair are the tentacles of The Great Old One himself.5

So, it appears that the Rhode Island Recluse is finally hitting the mainstream. It's amazing that he dare venture out into the sunlight again after that brief, ill-fated venture into marriage and New York city. Say this next bit out loud in the voice of the narrator from Superfriends: What horrors await him next? What will he discover in the future ruins of Hollywood? Stay tuned 'til next week, when Marvin and Wendy discover Tom Cruise casting rumors and other unspeakable terrors! </voice>

 Seriously, ATMOM is much-anticipated by the cultisit community at large. Eons-dormant seething masses wait to emerge and swarm the daylight world and its concession stands!6

 ***update (courtesy of avalyn): Fickle Hollywood; the latest news is that MGM now has the Hobbit project, with Peter Jackson directing.

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