Saggitarian females have been known to exhibit the following traits:

She'll tell you everything about her within the first 10 minutes of meeting her.

No secret is sacred - Yours or hers. Though she's not malicious, she can't control what words flow from her mouth.

No matter how depressed she is, she still appears perky. She'll tell you that things are crappy, but you aren't inclined to believe her because she's walking around with pigtails in her hair and glitter on.

She'll be the one crying when you breakup because it hurts her so much - but she's the one that dumped you. A week later she begs for you back.

She's cheated on you twice, tried to emotionally run away from you numerous times, and you still are madly in love with her.

A tendency to trip only when walking on a flat surface.

She's almost always late. Except when you are.

She has a list 1,000 miles long of "Things to research."

You have to keep her on a leash when you go to a store because even though she won't buy anything, she'll look at everything in adoration since everything is a toy to her.

She acts old and young for her age.

Her promises are near guaranteed to be broken. But you know that, and she knows you know that. So it's okay.

She's has dirty little mind and a is more pure hearted than anyone you've encountered.

She's majored in Computer Science, Astronomy, Sociology, English, Business, Gender Studies, Physics, Art, and Music.

She's strong and vulnerable.

She gets away with bloody murder. Literally.