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The jewlery that separates a candy kid (syn. candy raver, kandy kid) from the rest of the raving population. Mostly confined to bracelets and necklaces made of brightly colored plastic beads, although big plastic rings are also sometimes seen. Beads are generally in opaque primary colors, and range in size from pony beads to ones the size of your thumb's knuckle. Sometimes they are translucent, or shaped like something, or sparkly, etc. Bracelets many times have letter beads that say something like PLUR or KEEP ON ROLLIN or SMILE, you get the idea. Necklaces often have a binky or three to suck on or give away as needed.

Buying candy at Hot Topic is a waste of money, and makes for excessive homogeneity. Don't do it. Instead, get a bunch of beads and like-minded friends and have a candy making party.

Candy probably sounds kind of tacky and aweful if you haven't seen anyone wearing it, but actually looks pretty neat on a kid all decked out in phat pants and/or other raver accoutrements. Candy kids also help keep the vibe alive by trading candy and thus getting to know to lots of people at the party.

One thing I've always wanted to do is to make mindfuck candy to hand out at parties. With luck, the recipient would wake up the next day all tired and cracked out from youthful excess. They would go to look at their new bracelets, and find messages like SAUSAGE, or KILL YOUR TV, or possibly HITLER. Messages that have exactly nothing to do with parties or PLUR or drugs. Something about it strikes me as screamingly hilarious.