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This may also be a reference to the Star Trek: TNG (and beyond) writers' penchant for basing solutions on creatively-worded technobabble, in contrast to the real-world, personal grounding of most Babylon 5 resolutions.


TNG: "We'll rewire the impulse flux capacitors to create an inverse tachyon pulse which should easily solve this episode's near-lethal problem!"

B5: "We'll bring the two sides to the negotiating table again, and after five episodes worth of assassinations, heated arguments, and military fleets appearing at inopportune moments, we'll reach a resolution that is just barely acceptable to everyone, at least until three episodes down the timeline when it will all fall to pieces."

So a specifically-worded example of this law in practice might be "A quasi-symmetric graviton polarity beam will be ineffective and counterproductive when used in an effort to convince the Centauri Republic to end its collaboration with the Shadows."