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This is ritual one of the priests in the area did recently.

This is the time of the Beginning of summer in the old calendar. The fields are plowed and planted with seeds of hope for the future. It is a celebration of the turning wheel of life, and of the deeds of legend that came before!

The circle casting:

HP: I draw this circle with sword in hand. Round us now between the sky and the land. The ancient gods I now call. Join us, within our hall!

HP: Hear us o' ancient ones, deities, heroes, and ancestors of old! We come before you in this sacred space where the three worlds are made one again. We will sing the songs and tell the tales of old; your deeds will not be forgotten. We will light the sacred fires and perform the ancient rites so the Earth shall be renewed upon this Beltane night!

Quarter caller proceeds in lighting the quarter candles as he/she recites:

EAST: From the halls of Finias, mystical city of old, we call upon the powers of Air, you who bring us clarity and wisdom, descend from your aerial realms and be with us. May the sacred sword of Nuada protect and keep us.

SOUTH: From the halls of Gorias, mystical city of old, we call upon the powers of Fire, you who brings us strength and endurance, descend from your cavernous realms and be with us. May the great spear of Lugh protect and keep us.

WEST: From the halls of Murias, mystical city of old, we call upon the powers of Water, you who brings us fulfillment and healing, descend from your watery realms and be with us. May the fulfilling cauldron of the Daghda sustain and keep us.

NORTH: From the halls of Falias, mystical city of old, we call upon the powers of Earth, you who brings us stability and balance, descend from your mountainous realms and be with us. May the stone of Liafal enlighten and keep us.

ALL: Oath of the Elements (optional): Hear me o' guardian powers! I will keep the faith Until the sky falls and crushes me! Until the fires rage and consume me! Until the seas arise and overwhelm me! Until the earth opens and swallows me! So mote it be.

ALL: Air, I Am. Air I Am! Fire I am Water, Earth, and Spirit I Am! (sing while walking (or dancing) in a circle, building up energy)

HPS: The Blessing of the Water and the Salt

WATER: Blessings upon the waters, they are rivers of life flowing from the womb of Danu.

SALT: Blessings upon the salt that comes from the land, which is her body.

JOIN: As the two are brought together, life brings forth anew! (RAISE CHALICE HIGH) Great Mother, we honor you!!!

HP: The Blessing of the Fire and Air

FIRE: Blessings upon the fire, it is the power of spirit issuing from the mind of the Daghda.

AIR: Blessings upon the air, the power of his voice that grants us wisdom.

JOIN: As the two are brought together, his seed is spread upon the land!

(RAISE THE CAULDRON HIGH) Great Father, we honor you!!!

HPS: Invocation of the Deities

As we stand in this sacred circle, we call the spirits of the Lady and Lord to be here with us. Grant us your power and protection as we seek to unravel the mysteries. Inspire us with your knowledge and wisdom. We honor you o' ancient ones! Blessed be thou names!


HP: Hear now the song of the Mother, she who gives forth life and nurturing. She is the beginning of all things and from her womb, we sprang forth into this world. She gives us strength to grow and the courage to carry on. When our lives have expired, unto her we shall return!

HPS: Hear now the song of the Horned One. He who gives us power and protection. He leads us through life on our paths and gives us knowledge and inspiration. After our deaths he guides our souls in the world beyond!

HP: Hear now the song of the Tuatha, who came into this world on this day long ago. They who fought the Firbolg and the Fomor. They who brought us the tales and legends of old. They who wait under the hills until the time comes for them to arise once more!

HPS: Hear now the song of the ancestors, they who came before us and participated in the circle of life. They who passed on a part of themselves to make us who we are. Our lives are possible because of them!

HP: Hear now the song of the Pagans, the Seers and Mystics who held the craft of the wise. They who refused to submit. They who passed on the old ways that we should remember our sacred bond with the earth.

HPS: Hear now the song of the feast, the ancient rite of Beltane that marks the beginning of summer. As we give our energies to help renew the Earth, as we light the fires that purify and strengthen us, burning away the old and clearing a path to the future, we rejoice!

HP: Hear now the song of us, the modern ones who have drawn from our roots in the ancient past. We who have braved the persecutions of others as we preserve our individuality. We who now work together to bring things full circle as we celebrate the ancient ways and return to the beginning!

Song: We are a circle Within a circle With no beginning And never ending.

The Blessing of the Feast

HPS: Blessed thou art o creature of water/wine. This wine symbolizes the blood of the Mother, the source of all life. As we drink of thee, may we be fulfilled and remember the life giving essence that flows within us all.

HP: Blessed be thou creature of the earth. This food symbolizes the body of the Father, sacrificed for life. As we partake of thee, may we understand and remember your gifts to us and all who have sacrificed in your name.

Release of the deities:

Hear us o' ancient ones, deities, heroes, and ancestors of old. We thank you for your presence. As we return to the physical world, we know that your blessings go with us. Hail and Farewell!

Quarter caller proceeds to dismiss the quarters:

Powers of the (direction), spirits of (element), we thank you for your attendance. Go now in peace. So mote it be!

HPS: The faith has been kept! Let all be witness, by the powers of Lady and Lord, three times three, Go now in peace. So mote it be!

Opening the Circle

HP: The circle is open, yet ever remains, for through us flows its magical power.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again!