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This may seem like the delusional ramblings of a revolutionary extremist, but it's not.
Gil Scott-Heron wrote a poem entitled "The Revolution Will not be Televised.
I beg to differ.

As I was brushing up on the philosophies of Marx and Engels last night outside smoking my cigarette, I noticed my teenaged brother was doing his homework and watching television at the same time. Then, this morning, the very first thing he did upon waking was turn the idiot box on.

This got me thinking...I am usually prone to revolutionary thought, wondering when this system will collapse, which I see as inevitable...

As I've said, I feel that the current capitalist system cannot last. Soon the down-trodden and oppressed masses will rise up against their Corporate Oppressors. You see, in order for the capitalist system to run successfully, (as it is now), there need be multi-billionaires, (or at least the equivalents there of in regards to the current market trends, economy,and value of the dollar), as well as starving poor people living on the streets, and finally people of economic standing everywhere between. Soon, those barely making ends meet, starving or just unhappy with that which is will put down their picket signs, end their peaceful protesting, and pick up their pitchforks to rise up and take power.

Don't stop yet, I'm almost at the point!

I am not saying that it will necessarily be a communist revolution. In fact, I do not think communism will spread much farther than it already has!

Don't get me wrong, I believe Marx was right on and that communism would be the best way, but not enough people really understand what it means, and those who already have seized power and called their country a Communist State have veered so far from the original idea that communism now has a horribly negative connotation.

Now for the point!

Imagine some moron decides that he (or she) will try to seize power in some revolutionary manner here in the good old U.S.A.! Oh, the carnage and blood! Death, death, that's all that would come out of a violent revolution upon the United States.

Now, my friends, imagine that same moron had some brains, and thought of the almost incomprehensible military prowess that is the U.S. Armed Forces, and also thought about the havoc their little coup would thrust upon the world, and finally, believed as I do that knowledge is power. So, rather than feeding on people's fears as some military geniuses have in the past to achieve power, they build upon people's natural tendency to be curious. That, and they use the one medium that most everyone is addicted to. The boob-tube.

They start grass-roots-style campaigns on the internet, pay for commercials all across basic cable. And because we have a tactical genius here, they not only target the massive television viewing audience, but pick the times that those who have proven themselves easily influenced are watching--"Millionaire","Survivor", and "Idol".

In the beginning, the ads are simple. They mention things like, "You are being lied to," followed by addresses for websites where the "truth" can be found out, like www.deceptiondollar.com, a site with many links to international and privately funded news organizations. Then, the propaganda will begin.

Like any good revolutionary, our new "self-proclaimed leader of the people" will have studied the strategies of previous coups, as well as know the power of a lie, which is more powerful than the truth. They will make people feel misinformed, and under-educated, (which we are). They will impress upon the masses a thirst for knowledge, which they will supply via television and Internet. The Constitution of these United States protects free press, free speech, and a right to assembly, which our revolutionary will have studied intricately so as to know how they are most advantageously put to use.

Eventually those who are "a part of the revolution", meaning all those who watch television and gave in to the necessitated conformity of fashion, lifestyle, and now, voting, will form a majority. Many good things will come of the revolution, like voters finally realizing that this is not a strictly two-party system.

But unfortunately, I predict the voting population will give in to the guilt laid upon them by our strategic leader, thus giving up all rights and freedom eventually leading to another fascist uprising. Or at least that is my biggest fear.

The revolution will make people feel as if they've been played for fools all of these years. They will not rise up bearing arms, but ballots. They will totally change their viewing/reading/voting habits to conform to what our new dictator has told them they should believe and think. Just like the punks of today all shop at Hot Topic to pick up the newest shade of "punky blue"hair dye and find their next pair of tight-fitting jeans which come with a chain already attached and therefore show they are rebellious individuals, these self-proclaimed "original thinkers" will all follow whoever is on television telling them what to believe, how to vote, and who to follow. (Almost like today's youth following the voting advice of their favorite MTV celebrities.)

The Revolution Will Be Televised.