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Neo-Nazism is a violent movement of (mostly) youth, based on the principles of Adolf Hitler: anti-semitism and arianism.

World War 2 never put an end to nazism in Europe, it simply forced the organization underground. In the late eighties and early nineties they began to surface again, and specially in Germany, Sweden andDenmark. Today, the phenomenon is mostly concentrated in Sweden and Germany.

Norway experienced their first Neo-Nazist murder in January 2001, when a fifteen-year old boy was stabbed to death, due to his skin color. Norway has an active society of about 150 neo-nazists, organized in groups like Blood & Honour (Swedish), Boot Boys and Valkyria (Girls only).

Neo-Nazism must be looked upon as a problem for the society as a whole, because the kids who join them do more often than not join because they feel alone or inapt. Very few were nazists before they joined.

In the US, the problem is more straightforward called nazism. In the UK, there are similar organizations without the nazist ideology, f.ex. the hooligans. In other countries, there are small groups supporting neo-nazism.

A neo-nazist typically dresses in army boots, tight jeans and a leather jacket, and does often skin his head.

Neo-nazism is a serious threat to everything we have built after World War 2. Fight it.