According to his promoter, HIT Entertainment, Bob the Builder is "television's most popular construction worker."

Bob the Builder is the star of an eponymous animated TV series designed for pre-schoolers. The character of Bob is voiced by the actor Neil Morrissey. The series premiered on the BBC in 1999. The series was developed by Kate Fawkes from the idea of a former colleague at Jim Henson studios. The show is animated using a technique known as stop-frame animation.

Bob's primary shortcoming is his absent-mindedness, yet with help from his friends and a can-do attitude, he invariably triumphs over adversity. His friends include Bob's business partner, Wendy, whose organizational skills compensate for Bob's shortcomings, a blue cat named Pilchard, and a variety of anthropomorphic construction equipment.

Bob the Builder's catchy, danceable theme song gained widespread popularity beyond the show itself. The song was the biggest-selling single in the UK for the year 2000. Its refrain, "Can we fix it? Yes, we can!" became the anthem for positive-thinkers everywhere.

In addition to entertaining its viewers, Bob the Builder teaches them how to count, identify sounds, and understand emotions.

As of October, 2003, Bob the Builder still provided 30% of HIT Entertainment's revenues.,,748-844878,00.html