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Oompa Loompas, from Loompaland, are very short and have orange skins. They were once a people that lived in treetops to get away from vicious pests. They had little to eat except mashed bugs that tasted awful, and three or four cacao beans every year, which they loved more than anything. They also loved to sing and dance, especially in honour of cacao beans.

Their lives changed when the tribe chief was approached by one Mr. Willy Wonka, famous for his chocolate factory that had recently closed down. In a funny sort of sign language, the two of them conversed. The meeting ended when Mr Wonka suggested that the Oompa Loompa tribe come to live in the humungous chocolate factory, and work there in exchange for as many cacao beans as they wished.

Of course, the chief agreed, and to this day they work for Mr. Wonka's successor, one Charlie Bucket. They still love singing and dancing, they still love cacao beans and they still love to stay away from the pests.