What is a five-piece drum set?

A short detailed description of Five piece drum set

What does a five piece drum set entail? Well, it would be made up of the following pieces of percussion equipment:

1. A stool, also known as a throne

2. A snare drum

3. A bass drum

4. 2 bass drum-mounted toms

5. A floor tom

That is a non-cymbaled 5-piece drum set, however. A full 5-piece drum set would also have:

1. A hi-hat

2. A crash cymbal

3. A ride cymbal

However, this would really depend on whether this was a Jazz set or a Rock set. The types of cymbals would vary, as well as the number of them. Also, the drum heads would be different depending on what type of genre the set was designed for.

If you are looking at becoming a drummer, or you feel like going out and buying a drum set, then I have one suggestion for you. Save alot of money. To get a student quality Pearl set you will need aprox. $900.00, and that doesn't include the hardware(kick pedal, drum key, etc...), or the cymbals. You should expect that a decent quality one, with cymbals, and equipment, would be aprox. $1200.00 to $2500.00, without a sweat.

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