Adrian Edmondson is a Comedy God. His career has spanned stage and screen, usually in the company of long-time compadre Rik Mayall. Rik and Ade (aka The Dangerous Brothers) were part of the group of 'new wave' comics known as the Comic Strip (after the comedy club where they all worked in the early Eighties). He has appeared in countless Comic Strip Presents television films (including two recent 'revival' ones).

Edmondson's most famous role is as the violent punk Vyvyan in the cult sitcom The Young Ones. He appeared in various sitcoms that followed in a similar vein, culminating in the classic Bottom which he co-wrote and starred in (as Eddie Hitler) with Mayall. The show combined hilarious monologues and dialogues with bouts of spectacular slapstick ultraviolence.

After three increasingly puerile (and towards the end lazy) series and sell-out tours, they attempted to transfer the magic to the big screen in the disasterous movie Guest House Paradiso. A complete list of Ade's work has been meticulously compiled below (by someone else).

He has also written a novel (The Gobbler, about an aging comedian who wants to kill his partner, IIRC). He is married to fellow Comic Stripper Jennifer Saunders. He recently directed the pilot for her new show (Glitterball, basically Absolutely Fabulous Mark II). Oh, and he performed the theme music for Ab Fab as well.

"You've fucking well hit the clit right on the nail there, you cunting bastard."

from Bottom (Series 3), 'Hole'

Possibly one of the most sickeningly hilarious comedians of the past 20 years Ade Edmondson has helped take slapstick to new hugely violent heights. Born Adrian Edmondson in Bradford UK, on the 24th January 1957, Ade first came into the comedy spotlight in 'Boom, Boom Out Go The Lights' in 1981, with Alexei Sayle, Ruby Wax and his longtime comedy partner Rik Mayall.

Amongst his most famous roles are such characters as Vyvyan Basterd, (the pychotic red haired punk with metal studs in his forehead, seemingly grafted into a denim jacket sporting 'Very Metal' on the back) in the two series of 'The Young Ones' in 1982/83, Eddie Elizabeth Hitler (the alcoholic flatmate of Rik Mayall's character Richie), in Bottom 1991- , and Sir Adrian Dangerous, with Rik Mayall as Richard Dangerous, in The Dangerous Brothers in 1986 (all seemed to do in this one was undergo massive amounts of unbelievably painful stunts, that always went wrong). He married Jennifer Saunders (his co-star in the Comic Strip Presents) in 1985, and now has 3 kids - Freya, Beattie, and Ella. His full filmography is listed below:- /p>

(Comic Strip Presents) Four Men in a Plane (2000)....Ian Crisp
Guest House Paradiso (1999) .... Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba
Man, The (1999) (TV) .... Alex
Jack and the Beanstalk (1998) (TV) .... Dame Dolly
(Comic Strip Presents) Four Men in a Car (1998)....Ian
Bottom Live 3: Hooligan's Island (1997) (V) .... Edward Hitler
"Captain Star" (1997) TV Series (voice) .... Limbs Jones
Mastercard Masters of Music Concert for the Prince's Trust (1996) (TV) .... Ace Face/Bellboy
Bottom Live: The Big Number 2 Tour (1995) (V) .... Edward Hitler
Young Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Peacock's Eye (1995) (TV) .... Zyke
Bottom Live (1993) (V) .... Edward Hitler
"If You See God, Tell Him" (1993) TV Series .... Gordon Spry
(Comic Strip Presents) Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase (1993)....Gregory Dawson
(Comic Strip Presents) Space Virgins from Planet Sex (1993)...."K" / Air Traffic Controller
(Comic Strip Presents) Red Nose of Courage (1992)....John Major / Coco the Clown
"Bottom" (1991) TV Series .... Edward "Eddie" Elizabeth Hitler
The Pope Must Die (1990)....Father Rookie
News Hounds (1990) (TV) .... Phil Burke
(Comic Strip Presents) Les Dogs (1990)....Bestman
(Comic Strip Presents) GLC: the Carnage Continues (1990)....Billy / Prince / Giles Cricket Bat Portland
(Comic Strip Presents) South Atlantic Raiders 1(1990)....Billy
(Comic Strip Presents) South Atlantic Raiders 2: Argie Bargie!(1990)....Billy
"Snakes and Ladders" (1989) TV Series
"Filthy, Rich and Catflap" (1987) TV Series .... Edward Catflap
(Comic Strip Presents) The Strike (1988)....Adrian / Slim / Policeman
(Comic Strip Presents) More Bad News (1988)....Vim Fuego
Mr Jolly Lives Next Door (1988)....Dreamytime Escort
(Comic Strip Presents) The Yob (1988)....Michael
Dangerous Brothers Present: World of Danger (1986) (V) .... Sir Adrian Dangerous
"Happy Families" (1985) TV Series .... Guy Fuddle
Honest, Decent & True (1985) (TV) .... Alun Pickersgill
(Comic Strip Presents) Dirty Movie (1984)....Bean
(Comic Strip Presents) Susie (1984)....Martin
(Comic Strip Presents) A Fistful of Travellers' Cheques (1984)....Billy
(Comic Strip Presents) Gino: Full Story and Pics(1984)....Gordon / Bill
(Comic Strip Presents) Eddie Monsoon, a Life (1984)....Eddie Monsoon
(Comic Strip Presents) Slags (1984)....Ace
(Comic Strip Presents) The Supergrass (1984)....Dennis Carter
(Comic Strip Presents) Consuela, or, The New Mrs Saunders (1984)....John
(Comic Strip Presents) Private Enterprise (1984)....Brian
Eat the Rich (1984)....Charles
"Spitting Image" (1984) TV Series (voice) .... Various Voices
(Comic Strip Presents) War (1983)....Mike / Hatchett / Julio / Bolsen / Man in Cage / Jenkins / Zarkoff
(Comic Strip Presents) The Beat Generation (1983)....Desmond
(Comic Strip Presents) Bad News Tour (1983)....Vim Fuego
(Comic Strip Presents) Summer School (1983)....Peter
(Comic Strip Presents) Five Go Mad on Mescalin (1983)....Dick
"Young Ones, The" (1982) TV Series .... Vyvyan Basterd
(Comic Strip Presents) Five Go Mad in Dorset (1982) ....Dick
Kevin Turvey: The Man Behind the Green Door (1982) (TV) .... Keith Marshall
Fundamental Frolics (1981) .... Himself
Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights (1981) (TV)

He has also co-written many of the film and plays he has appeared in, and has even branched out into voiceover work, (such as the voice of the Pepperami Animal, and the audiobook reader of the Dr Seuss books)

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