Her voice is soft and firm as mangos.
Polite as tea and croquet. Demanding
without intimidation, she tells me
exactly what she wants me to do

to her. Please insert


your parking ticket.

She sounds like she's on Spanish Fly
Living only for flimsy strips of paper
pushed into her hungry waiting slit.
She won't let me go until I please her.
So, I do. Smugly, she says,

"Thank you very much. Have a nice day."


I picture the inventor of this starving parking ticket whore.
A tiny wrinkled wicked old man rubbing his hands together,
laughing in ways that make people nervous. Perched
atop his stool surrounded by beakers and Bunsen burners
in some dusty faraway techno-tower. Dirty mind churning
out high tech solutions to his morbid lewd fantasies.

His prototype says,

"Please insert your fingers.
Please insert your penis.
Please insert your banana.
Please insert that champagne bottle.
Please call me slut & slap my bottom.
Thank you very much. Have a nice day."

& his hard-on cackles. & he rubs it hard fast
cum dripping down the walls in gobs massive
as the millions automatically deposited in his bank account.


But, who is to say the inventor is male?
Maybe she is an attractive older woman
in sensible shoes, tasteful glasses and
a tight bun which makes you ache
to see what it's like tickling the pillow
or caressing the small of her back.
A radical plotting feminist
methodically subverting the system.
subliminally conditioning us to accept
aggressive, demanding, in control females.
Her prototype says,

"Please insert your fingers.
Please insert your penis.
Please move it faster.
Please do not come now.
Please pump me harder.
Thank you very much. Now, get out."

--Svaha (Her Divine Serenity)

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