This is a metanode listing all the bizarre military equipment on E2, including a small description of each item to explain why it is worth listing here. First is the name of the piece of equipment, second is the era in which it was developed and third is its country of origin. Please /msg me if you have suggestions on nodes to add to this list. Remember that this node is supposed to list bizarre equipment, so don't suggest any rare weapons that are not really strange. Thanks to Ruben for helping with this node.

Updated: 1.8.2002 (added Maus).


AC-130H/U Gunship - Vietnam war - USA
A transport plane with a shitload of weapons instead of cargo space


Dora - WW2 - Germany
An insanely large railway gun, the largest ever built
V-3 - WW2 - Germany
Perhaps the most insane cannon ever built, with a 150m barrel


Fliegerfaust - WW2 - Germany
A shoulder mounted anti-aircraft rocket launcher
Microwave Pulse Gun - Modern - USA
A (supposedly) non-lethal crowd control weapon that uses microwaves
Nahverteidigungswaffe - WW2 - Germany
An otherwise fairly normal smoke discharger for tanks, but you could fire high explosive grenades through its muzzle with a flare gun, to defend against infantry assaults
Radio beam guidance system - WW2 - Germany
A system adapted from airport landing systems to accurately guide bombers to their targets
Soviet Dog Mines - WW2 - Soviet Union
A (failed) attempt to use dogs as suicide bombers


ASBM - Cold war - USA
A modified ICBM launched from aircraft

Unmanned vehicles

Goliath - WW2 - Germany
A remote-controlled vehicle designed to destroy bunkers and fortifications by exploding near them or inside

Ships & Submarines

DSRV - Modern - USA
A submarine designed to rescue the crew of destroyed submarines (although this is practically impossible)


Maus - WW2 - Germany
A ridiculously large and heavy tank built very late in the war

To node

Here's a list of some bizarre equipment waiting to be noded.

PIAT - WW2 - United Kingdom
A spring-powered anti-tank weapon (not a rocket)

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