A symbol composed of several evenly-spaced concentric circles of alternating colors. Originally, the design of a target in archery.

The term bullseye can more specifically refer to the center of such a target, and hence to accuracy. The expression to hit the bullseye is a metaphor meaning to be accurate, or to get to the point or goal of something straightaway. The slang exclamation Bullseye! is a somewhat folksy way of saying "You got it!" or "Exactly!"

A bullseye target is also the corporate logo of Target department stores.

ASCII art bullseye:

  .d8888Y'    `Y8888b.
 .d888'          `888b.
 888P   .oooooo.   Y888 
d88P   d88888888b   Y88b
888'  888P'  `Y888  `888
888   888      888   888
888   888b    d888   888
888.  `8888888888'  .888
888b   `Y888888P'   d888
`888b     ``''     d888'
 `88888b        d88888'

This darts based television gameshow was broadcast on the U.K network ITV from 1981-1993. Hosted by club comedian Jim Bowen, who was ably assisited by announcer Tony Green (a professional darts commentator), it became cult viewing spawning a host of catchphrases ('look at what you could have won...'). The show had its own mascot Bully the bull, who featured in animated form in the shows opening sequence and who could also be won as a consolation prize. This took the form of a poseable doll known as a Bendy Bully.

The Contestants
The show involved three pairs of contestants. Each pair was made up of a member of the public and a professional darts player.

The show consisisted of two rounds with the winning pair going on to play for prizes (including 'Bully's special priiiize'). An extra round was included where the professional darts player threw darts for charity.

In round 1 the non-dart player nominated a category which corresponded to a segment on a special darts board. The players partner then had to hit this segment to win cash. A question on that category would then be asked to the non-dart player, a correct answer earned the pair more money. At the end of the round the team with the least money had to go. When commenting on the losing teams performance Jim Bowen would often console them by saying 'super, smashing, great'.

Round 2 used a normal dart board. The two remaining professional players would throw three darts each. The one with the highest score won their partner the opportunity to answer a question. A correct answer gained the team the dart players score in english pounds. The winner of this round went on to the prize board.

The prize board
This specially constructed board consisted of eight thin red segments alternated with larger black segments. In the centre was a reasonably large bullseye. The red segments on the board represented prizes while the black areas rewarded the player with nothing. Hitting the bullseye added Bully's special prize to the player's stash. One hazard, which happened quite a lot more than you might think, occurred when a dart hit the same red segment or the bullseye twice. This caused the prize to be lost or, as the host infamously put it, "Keep out of the black and in to the red. There's nothing in this game for two in a bed".

Once the prizes had been won, the team had the option of gambling their prizes (and, in later series, all the money they had won in the earlier part of the show as well). To win the gamble, both members of the team had to throw three darts at a standard dart board, the non-dart player throwing first, with their combined score totalling 101 or more. The star prize was usually a car, caravan or more often than not a speedboat. Players who lost the gamble still had to see the star prize ('Lets see what you could have won..') This made for brilliant T.V. as players were left with nothing as Jim Bowen intoned 'oh shame it's a speedboat, you could have had a lot of fun with that.'

A villain published by Marvel Comics. Bullseye first appeared in Daredevil #131 in 1976.

The man who became the assassin Bullseye has always had incredible accuracy at throwing objects. From an early age, he used his ability to become a star baseball pitcher. He had many offers to pitch for a major league team, but decided instead to enlist in the military.

One evening while on patrol, the man who would become Bullseye was ambushed by the enemy. Attempting to shoot his opponent, the soldier's gun jammed and he instinctively threw the weapon, impaling the enemy on the bayonet. Realizing that his throwing ability could be used to turn even seemingly harmless objects into weapons, the man became a mercenary and later a hired assassin who went by the name Bullseye.

For many years, Bullseye took contracts and successfully carried them out, becoming one of the highest paid and best assassin in the business. He was eventually hired by Wilson Fisk, the so-called Kingpin of crime in New York City. The job was highly lucrative and Bullseye was at the top of his game, though he sometimes came into conflict with costumed heroes such as Spider-Man or Daredevil.

Then, a new assassin came on the scene, a woman named Elektra. She soon replaced Bullseye as the Kingpin's hired assassin much to Bullseye's dismay. Wanting to return to his former glory, Bullseye decided he would have to kill Elektra to do so. During a battle between the two assassins, Bullseye impaled Elektra with her own weapon of choice, a sai, killing her.

Daredevil, who was romantically involved with Elektra, later battled Bullseye. During the battle, Bullseye fell from a great height and shattered his spine, paralyzing him. He later traveled to Japan, where the Japanese scientist, Lord Darkwind, used his abilites to mend Bullseye's spine with the unbreakable metal, adamantium.

Since this time, Bullseye has clashed with Daredevil as well as a number of other heroes on multiple ocassions. He is responsible for the death of another of Daredevil's love interests, Karen Page.

In the upcoming Daredevil movie, the character of Bullseye has been included. The part is to be played by Colin Farrell and the character appears to sport a bullseye-shaped scar in the middle of his forehead.

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