I was on the run from something. I'm not entirely sure what.

I parked my car in a parking lot, and walked over to a trailer sitting in the middle of the lot. I was carrying a Glock, but the clip was empty. I got the impression I had fired it earlier.

There were two guys in the trailer. I didn't know them, and they didn't know me. One guy was older and had a white, wide-brim hat (like the dude in the Red Hat logo). He asked me my name, and I remember thinking "Don't tell him your real name.", so I told him my name was Mike. I asked if he had some "Ammo for a Glock 17?", and he said "Sure, here."

The clip he gave me was........unconventional. It was filled with nails, and keys, and broken pieces of metal. I asked him if he was sure it would work, and he told me "Yep." I was still skeptical, so I asked if I could test it, and he agreed.

I fired at one of the wooden posts inside the trailer, and sure enough, it shot a key deep into it. I jumped when the gun fired, and was amazed.

I left the trailer, and remember telling myself aloud "I've got to rent a car......No, I need *MY* car." Then I got in my car and drove off.

Time Shift

I think I was in high school, and I was in the drama club. We were practicing for our production of "Toll Booth Willie", and I was playing Willie. I was going to surprise everyone with my imitation.

I was in my high school when a group of terrorists took over the school. As it turns out, I was a CIA operative and it was my responsibility to save the school.

The rest of my dream was me devising ways to pick off the terrorists. My dream was similar to the movie Master Minds with Patrick Stewart.

Anyway, I killed off all the terrorists, except for one. I thought that I had killed everyone, but I guess I just missed this guy. He shot me in the leg, and when he came to finish me, someone managed to get a gun and kill him.

I turned into a monkey...
I'm sitting in the back of the bus, heading to some festival. Everyone is looking out the window except me, I'm looking foward. I see a man slit a little girl's throat in the front of the bus. I stand up and scream, "WACK IT...WACK IT GOOD!" (I knew I was dreaming. I don't really like seeing little girls get their throat slit)
We got off the bus and headed towards the festival. It looked similar to the Renaissance Festival I went to my senior year in highschool. I look around and see the guy from the bus killing more little kids. I decide to follow him. He walks into the food court and makes his killing rampage more known. People start running everywhere, screaming for someone to help them. I figure...why not help.
I jump on a tree and turn into a monkey. I swing from tree to tree until I get close enough to the killer. I swing by him and knock him down. Just then all these people attack the guy, kicking him and pounding on him. The monkey then disappeared into the forest. =)
I was watching a TV advert for a drama. Suddenly i was in the advert. This mad guy was holding a kid and his mum hostage in a sewer. I saw the manhole open... I leapt down it. The guy had a knife and looked pretty mad. My friend katie appeared. Confusion all around.


All my friends were sitting along the side of the sewer, tied up. The kid and mum were still tied up. The mad guy had turned into a Bond villain. He had henchmen with guns. He attached some explosive devices to the wall. He laughed evilly and escapes up some stairs.

My friend Georgie struggled to her feet. She exaimend the bombs, before announcing they had been set for 30 mins, not 30 secs. My other friend Kevin defused them by pressing a big red button.

We gave chase, running up the stairs. He was shooting at us with a shotgun. He got in a lift, we continued up the stairs, ending up in a shopping mall where my french teacher was waiting. I woke up.

Possible meanings: Inside, I would like to help people in trouble. I am incapable of this. I need others to do it for me. I respect Georgie for her intelligence. I respect Kevin for his leadership skills.
I love having dreams that are so fun that you make yourself go back to sleep just so you can see what happens next. This was a refreshing from the cosmic end of the world dreams that I've been having lately.

I was participating in some kind of concert. Actually, it started off as one of those dreams where you're thrown into a situation that you haven't prepared for. You don't know your lines in the play. You don't have an acceptance speech. You know the kind. So anyway, I felt disoriented and unprepared until I overheard from someone that I was going to be playing "Sorry I Am" by Ani DiFranco. I immediately relaxed, which tells you just how much I need to learn some new songs. Even in my dreams, I'm on automatic. My biggest worry was that I'd better hurry up and tune my guitar to DADGAD before it was time to go on.

So just before I stepped out onstage, I looked out at the crowd and I was really happy to see so many people, all of whom I didn't know. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied Jian Ghomeshi, of Moxy Früvous, and I started just spitting, trying to figure out why he was at *my* concert and how I could get him to leave. For some reason, I really didn't want to sing this song in front of him (actually, there is a very valid reason why even in real life I would feel uneasy, but I choose not to get into that right now).

But I got over my rage quickly and my attitude changed to a kind of "whatever... let's do it anyway." So I stepped out on the stage, and already there, in a spot I hadn't been able to see from backstage, was this chubby little middle-aged South American woman who really reminded me of someone I worked with over 2 years ago. She was holding a microphone karaoke-style and started singing MY song before I even got out to the middle of the stage. Badly, too. I tried just playing along, but not only was she completely off-key, but she was also muttering and following some sort of internal tempo.

After about a verse of this, I realized that I really was not enjoying having this woman butcher my performance, and so I stopped playing and grabbed the mic from her, I mean ripped it out of her hands. And I told her off. "Who asked YOU to do this? You're ruining my fucking song!" I yelled. She withered and said that she was only trying to help me, but the pity thing didn't work and I sent her off the stage. I was just about to finally play my song, and then I woke up.

I went back to sleep to see if I was going to be any good, but I don't actually remember that part.

And that was this morning's dream.

Salvia Premonitions

  • I experience many different short dreams in various locations--on the beach, in the forest, on an airplane, many dorm rooms--with different combinations of friends and strangers. The common theme that runs through all of them is the fact that Salvia divinorum always appears--usually a friend pulls it out and offers it to the group. Inevitably, we end up smoking it. As soon as I feel the effects, I am in another dream in another place with different people. Then someone brings out the Salvia...
    This was the night before my first Salvia trip, though I didn't know it at the time.

  • At some university, I enter a large lecture hall where class is about to start and sit down near the back. I see my friend Steffany several rows in front of me so I leap gracefully the twenty feet distance into the seat next to her. After saying hello I leave the hall. Outside there's a karate class in session. By this time I am lucid and decide to play around. I lie down on the ground and ask the sensei to attack me so I can practice my ground defense. Despite his efforts, I block all the attacks easily. I stand up and run towards a balcony which overlooks a swimming pool. Leaping over the railing I dive into the water. As I reach the very bottom of the pool I suddenly appear ten feet above the surface and plunge in again. This repeats over and over while I have a vision of Tom Hanks in Castaway, a film I never saw.

  • Amidst a high tech conspiracy, I infiltrate deep into a corporation's headquarters, heading for their top secret invention behind many levels of security. My mission is to discover just what the invention is. I reach the place and find it: a simple-looking metal storage shed. When I walk through the little door I discover it's empty. However, when I turn and exit the shed I am quite suddenly in the front lobby. It's a teleportation device. I sprint out the front doors as uniformed men chase after.

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