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Yes, even Froot Loops have to succumbed to the Darwinian theory.

Since way back when (early 80's), I remember Froot Loops were a simple cereal, just hoops of sugary goodness. Orange, Red, and Yellow. They have changed, a few times, since then.... They now include green, as a base color. Who wants to eat green sugar? Isn't that bad for you? Green is the color of vegetables, and kids don't want that. Green can also be the color of ROTTEN MEAT, kids, and everyone with an income over $0-5 annually refuse to eat that. Why, then green?

Don't forget recent perversions, in the late 90's: Blue made an appearance for a long time... it could be part of the essential makeup, now, for all I know. And, now, red and blue in the SAME loop! What the hell is wrong with people?!!??!??

I give up, we're all going to hell, and it's the cereal manufacturers fault.
American breakfast cereal, also, a slang expression for persons who are interestingly and absolutely nuts. As in, totally crazy.

Produced by Kellogg's, Froot Loops contain, according to the package label, 120 calories per cup, in which are contained 10% of one's daily Vitamin A requirements, 25% of Vitamin C, no calcium, 10% of Vitamin D, and 25% each of the various B vitamins. The package I have has a giant bird who appears to be an undeterminate tropical fruit eater ( species undetermined) on the package. (Toucan)?

Ingredients, in order of volume: corn and, wheat and oat flour; sugar, partially hyrdogenated vegetable oil, salt, sodium ascorbate, yellow #6, niacinamide, reduced iron, natural flavors and artificial vitamins.

Bon appetit.

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