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GNVQs are a (typically vocational) UK qualification, intended for entry into further/higher education as well employment. They were first launched in 1993, were revised in 1995, and are organised by QCA.

GNVQ stands for General National Vocational Qualification.

They are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to A-Levels, and can lead to the more specific NVQs. Most of the course depends on coursework, but tests (carried out during the course) are also a part of the qualification. They are graded as pass, merit and distinction.

There are three different levels of GNVQ: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Students enter at different levels depending on experience and other qualifications, and then proceed through the levels as necessary.

Many schools and colleges offer these courses alongside 'traditional' GCSEs and A-Levels. The Intermediate level is usually considered to be equivalent to GCSE level and Advanced level is approximately equivalent to 2 A-Levels.

GNVQs are currently available in the areas of:

Information from various sources including http://www.qca.org.uk/nq/subjects/.

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