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Good-bye walls in my pale green room,
Good-bye tinfoil, that kept out the moon,

Good-bye neighbor, who banged on the walls,
Good-bye phone, and wrong number calls,

Good-bye Walter, the sad, lonesome man,
Good-bye anonymous, screaming sports fan,

Good-bye Irena, who never wore pants,
Good-bye swarming waterbugs, roaches and ants,

Good-bye heater, who spewed noxious gas,
Good-bye toilet seat, who cradled my ass,

Good-bye ceiling, all watermarked and stained,
Good-bye courtyard, which was never maintained,

Good-bye faucet, I installed it myself,
Good-bye paint cans, which are stuck to the shelf,

Good-bye plumbing, and brown murky muck,
Good-bye security deposit, I’ll miss every buck!

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