Ok, honestly, most guys in general don't like or know how to express their emotions, so to us girls it might seem like they don't have many. While geeks make good boyfriends, when you're dating an engineer it may seem even more difficult for them to express themselves. So I have created a short list of things guys (and girls!) can do to express their emotions to their significant others, instead of just saying "I love you".
  • Find a card that says something significant about how you feel. It can be a cute card, a funny card, a sexy card. Don't just give it to him/her: snail mail it or hide it somewhere for them to find later that day/week.
  • Copy song lyrics and send them, email or letter-style, or even msg them a link in catbox! Now be careful with this one, especially guys! Girls can get very literal over this, so if there are any ambiguous or negative statements at all in the lyrics, she might decide to focus on those, depending on maturity and mood. To get even more involved, node the lyrics yourself to a song that's special to the two of you, and link to other very romantic nodes. This shows tons of effort.
  • When you have a happy thought about him/her, jot it down. Try to describe what exactly it is about them that makes you so happy. I've been told that Templeton writes great descriptive stuff, and have read a few (Everyone is here, but you're nowhere near...), if you want an example. Jot down everything, even if it gets a little repetitive. But, if all you have is "your smile, your eyes, your smile..etc" you know you're not getting descriptive enough. Look a little deeper and see what's really there. Once you feel you have a substantial list, send it.
  • Say "I love you" in a few different languages, or send them to How to say "I love you". This one I suggest you go there yourself and write it out, maybe even combine this idea with the first.

Like I said, this is a short list. And I know these ideas might not seem terribly romantic, but the fact that you've taken the time to do something is better than explaining that you just can't write poetry, dammit.

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