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InstaGib is a great type of DeathMatch in Unreal Tournament. All players start of with souped-up versions of the ASMD Shock Rifle that do about 5000 damage per shot. Get hit with a blast from one of those, and you're instantly gibbed. Hence the name InstaGib.

You'll know you're on an instagib server, if you're confused (the first time, almost everyone is) because you start with the ASMD, it has no alternate fire, and it's normal shots are orange. And, of course, they will explode people on contact. :)


Weapons, and the stupid cheap tricks that ensue in the places where they appear, are no longer an issue. You have one gun, and it's just fine. No more running around dying until you find claw your way to the place where the decent gun spawns. The game becomes more focused on aim, reflex, and other "pure" combat skills than on item tactics.


As with all one-shot-kill weapons, ping becomes vital. People with low latency connections to the server will be able to aim and hit other players significantly more easily, since the other players will appear on the screen much closer to their actual position. All but fearfully skilled modem players will therefore tend to eschew this style of play, since it exacerbates their natural disadvantage (people are never quite where they appear to be), in favor of normal games and splash weapons.

Another disadvantage to Instagib mode is that individual fights tend to either drag on or end agonizingly quickly. If someone is sniping in a large, open level they tend to own. However, if the level is cramped and walled-in, two individuals combatants can dodge, jump and strafe almost endlessly without hitting each other. In Unreal Tournament 2003, the sequel to UT, a new mode is added called Zoom Instagib. In this mode, the secondary fire of the Shock Rifle zooms in. Also worthy of noting is that in a team game the Shock Rifle beams are color-coded to their respective teams.

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