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This show was played at Deer Creek Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana. Although this concert includes many rarities that will appeal to you phish-heads, it comes at a time between the invigorating experimentation of 1995 and the funky-get-your-groove-on 1997. A transitional year, 1996 for Phish was a year of searching for a groove more than anything else. Throughout the fall of 1995 and much of 1996, guitarist Trey Anastasio had a small percussion kit set up in his spot on-stage, which he would occasionally play during jams. The purpose of this was to encourage keyboardist Page McConnell to get his groove on. All in all, it's really a very quality Phish show, especially if your interested in the growth and evolution of the styles and sounds of Phish over the years. Disc: 1
1. The Divided Sky
2. Tube
3. Tela
4. Maze
5. Fast Enough for You
6. Old Home Place
7. Punch You in the Eye
8. Llama
9. Glide
10. Slave to the Traffic Light Disc: 2
1. AC/DC Bag
2. The Lizards
3. Mike's Song
4. Lifeboy
5. Weekapaug Groove
6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Disc: 3
1. Waste
2. Train Song
3. Strange Design
4. Sweet Adeline
5. David Bowie
6. Sleeping Monkey
7. Rockytop
8. Ya Mar
9. Split Open and Melt

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