So you live in this one place. But at the end of the month you'll live at this other place. Assuming that these two places are somewhat geographically disparate, all of your stuff will have to somehow get from the old place to the new place. This is called moving.

Sounds simple, right?

Wrong. Moving can be the most terrifying, soul-rending, raw experience in your life. Depending on your moving style and frequency of relocation, the following realizations can bring you to your knees:

  • I just put my entire life in boxes
  • Everything I need to survive will fit in the trunk of a car
  • Almost anything is subject to breakage
  • It really doesn't take a lot of jostling for a glass thing to break
  • My clothing, personal hygeine products, and glasses are all in separate boxes and I have to be at work at 8am tomorrow
  • What goes into a box, eventually will have to come out of a box
  • All boxes sort of look the same
  • If you don't tell the phone company, power company, post office, (insert misc. utility here) about your move in a way that they can understand it then service will be interrupted. Oh, and they get to ask you for more money when you move.
I will likely add to this list of horrors as I continue my current move.

My best friend is supposedly moving in less than a few months, to Mississippi, over 900 miles away. It seems unfair to me, because he's a part of me that's been there since I was a little kid. And when that part of me leaves, I've moved too. I'm split in half by this. I'm in love with him, and I know that this may be the last time I may ever see him again. He'll be moving, and then a year later, leave to Florida to go to college. No doubt about it, he'll meet up with his ex-girlfriend, and it's very likely they'll get back together and be married.

I fear myself knowing that this is the beginning of the rest of his life, and I won't be there to hug him when things go wrong. I won't be the girl in his arms telling him that she loves him. And that as his life goes on, whereas he'll be meeting new endeavors, seeing new people, I'll be left alone--crying over the loss of him.

He'll still call me from time to time, we'll talk online, he could posibly visit me one summer--but it won't be to see me exclusively, and I'll be waiting around for him for years to come. If he were a jerk, I'd kick myself in the face and try to get over it. But when you love your best friend of six years, who loves you and is the right one, and they have to leave you, what do you do?

Moving seems like a never-ending process until it is finished.

A year ago this month, I moved from Central Florida to Atlanta. It took a long time for me to get everything I needed packed, but since I only occupied a small section of my parents' house, it was easy to get my stuff packed away. I am moving again at the end of this month.

This time is different.

Now that I occupy an entire apartment, it is a lot harder to pack. I wander from room to room to see what needs to be packed, and I estimate how many boxes I will need. My original estimate turns out to be a gross under-calculation. So I pack, and get more boxes.

And more boxes.

And MORE boxes.

It's frustrating. Every time I go into a room, I look for stuff that needs to be packed. Except, for the past year my mind has grown accustomed to seeing things where they are supposed to be, so I pass over a lot of stuff that could be packed.


Once the boxes are full and the apartment is empty, "Two Men and a Truck" will come and transport my stuff to a new place.

I am hesitant to unpack, as I don't want to go through this ordeal again.

Mov"ing, a.


Changing place or posture; causing motion or action; as, a moving car, or power.


Exciting movement of the mind; adapted to move the sympathies, passions, or affections; touching; pathetic; as, a moving appeal.

I sang an old moving story. Coleridge.

Moving force Mech., a force that accelerates, retards, or deflects the motion of a body. -- Moving plant Bot., a leguminous plant (Desmodium gyrans); -- so called because its leaflets have a distinct automatic motion.


© Webster 1913.

Mov"ing, n.

The act of changing place or posture; esp., the act of changing one's dwelling place or place of business.

Moving day, a day when one moves; esp., a day when a large number of tenants change their dwelling place.


© Webster 1913.

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