Riots due to a power outage? Maybe next time.

I was sitting in my living room watching a movie,
noding on my laptop, when the power went out.

The deafining sounds of the city around me brought with it a paralyzing fear.
The sounds of the city are powerful indeed. I heard horns blaring, and sirens
in the distance.

What if this is the end? What if the power never comes back? Would I need
to learn survival tactics? Would I be able to provide myself necessary materials?
Would I learn to steal? Where would I go if I had tol? The only place
of signifigant value I can think of to rob would be the kryptonite rooms at
computer stores such as Frys. But if I could loot the inventory room, what would
I really do with 240 processors? Would the government post guards at such
technological meccas? Would it be an adrenaline rush if I could pull it off?

Would I re-learn the primal instincts buried deep in my heart, and hands?

The sirens are still blaring in the distance!

I should unplug all of my gear, in case the power comes back.

What if it dosen't come back? What if?
(What if?)
Its cold in here, now.

I should go riot! I should go loot! The power's not on!
They'll never know.

I hear strange mechanical plumbing sounds in the apartment above me, could
something have happened to them? Could they still be okay? What are those strange noises?
Is someone snoring?

I'm so scared! The power's not on! What if it never comes back?
What will I do? Will I be able to defend myself?
What if someone breaks in? The power's not on!
(The power's not on!)
The batteries on my laptop are going to run out soon, when that happens, I'll be
left in a world without technology. I'll have to go out into the world and learn how
to live my new life.
(If the power dosen't come back.......)

Maybe this is a sign from a higher power. Maybe what I've been doing all these
with technology is wrong.
(I should get dressed! I'm putting my shoes on! I'm getting ready,
loop swoop and pull.

I wonder if I should write the world a message, a time capsule, in case someone finds this laptop.
(Should the power come back on.......)

Then they would know that I planned to leave this place, and not return.
Maybe they might steal my stuff. I'd understand.
Looting might be the only way to survive the new world, out there, without electricity.
Without beautiful electricity. Oh I miss you! I am so incredibly angry that you have left me.
You were my best friend. With you, I could do so many things-- so many POWERFUL things.
You're gone now, you've left me, and I'm angry at you. Nothing I did then matters, without you, all of it dosen't exist.

The power's not on! What if it dosen't come back? I should go search the grounds,
I hear screams from outside my window. Blazing sounds of motorcycles passing by.
I should get my mag light, I should sufficiently be able to defend myself with it.
(I'm so angry! My battery is going to run out!)

Oh dear sweet electricity, know that I did what I did for you and you alone.
We were meant for each other, you and I, but you're gone now, maybe gone forever.
The city's so quiet now. I dont hear anything outside. I dont hear the hum of my machines.
I dont hear my refrigerator. Oh shit! My refrigerator! What will happen to all of my perishable food?

I should effectively ration my Mountain Dew.
I might not be able to buy Mountain Dew ever again!
Oh no! That's another node entirely by itself!

It's so quiet that I can hear the tick tick tick of my wrist watch. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick,
tick, tick tick tick
tick tick tick tick
tick tick tick
tick tick
This is driving me mad! I am so lonely, now.

Nothing's blown up yet, I haven't heard gunfire, I haven't heard windows breaking.
Am I the only one this scared of perpetual blackout?
Could I really be this technologically dependant?
Could I be over-reacting?

And then it happened.

A surging "whmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" sound that escalated in pitch until a
chuk-chuk-chuk sound accompanied it. I heard fans moving. The lights came back on.
My refrigerator started making noise again. My servers booted up once more. The world
had been pretending the power outage never happened. Maybe it didn't.

Once again, I had better things to do with my time.
Life resumed course as usual. I reflected on my time-capsule message,
and thought to myself,

Riots due to a power outage? Maybe next time.

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