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Phish took a hiatus starting in the year 2000. Phans got antsy. The band members all had solo projects that enjoyed success. The Media (who can never do a piece about the Vermont quartet without mentioning the Grateful Dead) even speculated... Was it the end of the Phish as we know it?


In the autumn of 2002, the band announced they would play a New Year's Eve run. A few weeks later, they released information about a winter tour. But there was even more good news -- a studio album! Rehearsals for the upcoming tour turned out some new tunes, and thus was born Round Room.

  1. Pebbles And Marbles (11:39)
  2. Anything But Me (4:30)
  3. Round Room (4:15)
  4. Mexican Cousin (3:16)
  5. Friday (6:32)
  6. Seven Below (8:31)
  7. Mock Song (4:29)
  8. 46 Days (6:15)
  9. All Of These Dreams (4:08)
  10. Walls Of The Cave (10:00)
  11. Thunderhead (3:21)
  12. Waves (11:05)

There is an earthy, raw feeling throughout. At first pass, it seems like the album is not really complete or well thought-out, and that might be the case. But it is downright natural. Perhaps that was the intent. If you're into comparing time periods of music, you could point at any of Phish's "serious" work since 1996.... Combine equal parts Billy Breathes and Farmhouse with a dash of maturity. Stir for three days. Release on December 10, 2002.

The song "Round Room" is a bouncy little tune which will stick itself in your head for days on end. The lyrics are reminiscent of Lengthwise and Farmhouse, but there remains some ambiguity. Namely, is there a deep hidden meaning to "round room"? Who cares? It's music. Furthermore, it's Phish. They have returned.

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