Ryoga Hibiki is a character from the manga & anime series Ranma 1/2.

Ryoga was a junior high classmate of Ranma Saotome. He had a grudge against Ranma because Ranma always beat him to the last piece of bread each day in the school cafeteria. Ryoga took this seriously, and swore revenge.

So, Ranma and Ryoga were set to fight after school. But Ryoga has the world's worst sense of direction, so he got lost on his way to the empty lot behind his house.

Ranma waited three days, but Ryoga never showed up. Eventually, Ranma went on his ill-fated trip to China. Ryoga followed Ranma to the cursed springs at Jusenkyo. Ryoga accidentally fell into "Spring of Drowned Pig", and he becomes the black little pig named P-Chan every time he gets wet.

Ryoga is a strong advesary of Ranma's, and a skilled martial artist, but he isn't the brightest. And Ryoga really does have a horrible sense of direction; he constantly gets lost, even indoors. He is in love with Akane Tendo, and is jealous of Ranma's engagement to her. And he holds Ranma responsible for his accident at Jusenkyo, because it was Ranma who accidentally knocked Ryoga in the spring.

Ryoga carries an umbrella to protect himself from rain, but he also skillfully weilds it as a weapon. He has several "special moves", such as the shishi hokodan, which blasts a ball of energy at opponents, and the batsai tenken, which can smash rocks (but ironically can't hurt people).

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