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Shit in German, an exclamation I took to uttering with vitriol while I was travelling when being disqualified from music competitions, knocked in the head by overly-large backpacks or being forced to stand in a line carrying all of my worldly possessions on my back for too many hours just to get a chance to sit in a field full of cow pies.

Shit! in German. Pronouced "shys-suh".

People in Germany don't seem to censor the word like we do here...I borrowed an umbrella once from a German while in Berlin. The umbrella had "Scheißwetter" (Shit weather) written on it. No one freaked out about it.

Listen for it the next time you watch Raiders of the Lost Ark or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
German word for shit. The best phonetic pronounciation I can come up with is "shyte-za", but with a very soft, almost imperceptible 't' sound. A ß should be pronounced 's', but the long vowel in front of it makes the 't' sound come out. Of course, the cool thing about German is that you can tack on other nouns to the end of it to create new nouns. Like:
  • Scheißkopf - shithead
  • Scheißfleck - shitstain
  • Scheißstock - shitstick
  • Scheißhändler - shitmonger
I've also heard it used as a verb, although I think 'kacken' is more often used for the verb 'to shit', and I think 'auspumpen' (to poop) is ten times funnier. And if you don't take shit from someone, the construction is 'sich nichts gefallen lassen'. I'm not sure why gefallen is used there, but Durchfall is the German word for diarrhea (from the verb 'to fall through'), so maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe a native German speaker can /msg with an explanation...

As an aside, use at your own risk. As they say, this is all just BULLSHIT.

Also the most mispronounced word in the German language. There is NO T sound, the word is pronounced 'shaisss'e,' with the 'a' pronounced like that in cigarette. The 'e' can be silent, btw.

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