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Sully is a furry comic book artist. Talented with a simple style and a frank, almost Pogo like sense of humor.

Sully is also a scatty little town between barry and cosmeston. The bus-fare is ridiculously expensive and the town is ridiculously dull. Thinking of moving to Sully? DON'T DO IT, UNLESS... you are retired, ...umm and.. No thats it. Seriously there are a maximum of 4 pubs and approximately 3 fields. Oh yeah, 2 shops.

sully, is a small village in Wales close to Cardiff it is a sea front village, although the sea is close by, it is very polluted because of the sewage works in barry. There is also a chemical plant just outside which is really ugly, and smells at times. It is very close to nature with many footpaths. the two shops that are there are not very good value and i would advise you not to buy much if you are in sully. There is not much around in the way of facilitys and it is all round a bad place to live, but if you are looking for a bit of peace and quite in a out of the way area then by all means you should come here. It use to be a victorian fishing town untill the water was so fastly poluted after the industrial revolution. Somtimes there are very good views across the channel from sully island, although this is very [rare[. although a nice place i would not advisde you to come here EVER.

Sul"ly (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Sullied (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Sullying (?).] [OE. sulien, AS. sylian, fr. sol mire; akin to G. suhle mire, sich, suhlen to wallow, Sw. sola to bemire, Dan. sole, Goth. bisaulijan to defile.]

To soil; to dirty; to spot; to tarnish; to stain; to darken; -- used literally and figuratively; as, to sully a sword; to sully a person's reputation.

Statues sullied yet with sacrilegious smoke. Roscommon.

No spots to sully the brightness of this solemnity. Atterbury.


© Webster 1913.

Sul"ly, v. i.

To become soiled or tarnished.

Silvering will sully and canker more than gilding. Bacon.


© Webster 1913.

Sul"ly, n.; pl. Sullies ().

Soil; tarnish; stain.

A noble and triumphant merit breaks through little spots and sullies in his reputation. Spectator.


© Webster 1913.

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