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Turkish Alphabet
29 letters: 8 vowels, 21 consonants

The Turkish language belongs to the Turkic group of languages. It is also the sixth widest spoken language in the world. It is related to Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Tatar, and Azeri and distantly related to Mongolian, Manchu-Tungus, Korean, and perhaps Japanese. It once was written in Arabic-like characters, but changed to a Romanized script in the 20th Century.

The Turkish language does not contain the letters Q, W, or X. All letters are pronounced, and every single letter in Turkish has a single pronouncation. Unlike English, where letters can change their pronounciation by which letters they are next to.

    The Turkish language has:
  1. Vowel Harmony, which can be found in all Ural-Altaic languages
  2. Absence of gender
  3. Agglutination
  4. Adjectives precede nouns
  5. Verbs come at the end of sentences.


Example Pronounciation

A a

eg. bUs

B b

eg. Ball

C c

eg. Jam

Ç ç

eg. CHair

D d

eg. Death

E e

eg. gEt

F f

eg. Fall

G g

eg. Game

Ğ ğ yumusak g = soft g

eg. Yet and it can also be silent

H h

eg. Help

I ı undotted I

eg. natIOn

İ i dotted İ

eg. mE

J j

eg. pleaSure

K k

eg. talK

L l

eg. Laugh

M m

eg. Mouth

N n

eg. Net

O o

eg. pOrt

Ö ö

eg. cOlonel

P p

eg. Pot

R r

eg. Rook

S s

eg. Sand

Ş ş

eg. SHot

T t

eg. Talk

U u

eg. pUll

Ü ü

eg. TUrk

V v

eg. Vest

Y y

eg. Yellow

Z z

eg. Zephyr


Ataman Hotel - The Turkish Language http://www.atamanhotel.com/language.html
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Special thanks to Snicker_Furfoot and tres_equis for helping me with finding the characters.

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