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Type: TRV-06K-H (Tactical Reconnaissance Virtuaroid)
Height: 15.8m
Weight: 5.24t
Max. Gross Weight: 11.5t
Max. Power Output: 4430kw

Left Trigger - 7-Way Missiles
Fires 7 missles in a wide angle. Each does significant damage. It takes a long time to recharge, however, it is intimidating. If you dash while firing this the pattern is much tighter.

Right Trigger - Vulcan Cannon
Fires a rapid stream of lasers. Each does minimal damage, but there is a lot of them and they are fast. You can fire a triple stream in the air. If they all hit home it does a lot of damage, but that is rare.

Both Triggers - Homing Beam
A very good ranged weapon. Fires a large beam ball that homes rapidly on the target. However, when you fire you freeze for a second, very vulnerable. An effective aerial weapon, especially when you are hovering over an opponent. It usually forces a dash unless there is an obstacle, which can be followed with other weapons.

Special Move - SLC (She's Losing Control) Dive
At the top of your jump, push both joysticks forward while squeezing both triggers all at the same time. Viper II will home in and dive-bomb the opponent. The SLC is one of Viper's most fearsome attacks. It homes like crazy on an opponent, and will catch anybody who tries to dash away. During the dive, Viper II is also surrounded by a shield, and is completely invulnerable to attack until he touches the ground. Panicky opponents who try to flee by dashing can't escape. However, if you miss, it leaves all your weapons empty and must recharge. Also, if you miss you will most likely end up right in front of your opponent, and frozen for a brief second.

The Viper II is the best aerial mech. It is the most agile while in the air, and it has great speed on the ground. However, its armor is very lacking. It does have very powerful melee weapons (a purple sword with a wide arc range), but unless you are confident of your close combat skills, it is not recommended. Overuse of the SLC is also extremely dangerous, unless your opponent is a newbie. Hiding behind obstacles and launching the homing beam works sometimes, but combinations of aerial moves and all your weapons (7 Way Missile then homing beam) works better. Beware of the time when you charge up your homing beam, you are helpless. Many experts exploit that brief second to attack.

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