That's Melbourne, Australia btw.

La Petite Mort will be in town for a little while to answer our demands to parade StrawberryFrog for our approval. Also I've been back in Melbourne for about nine months now and I've met only two Victorian noders and I had to go to London to meet one of those.

When: 24th Feburary, 7pm until late
Where: The Dowager Empress' summer palace in a hidden valley
What: A nodermeet!

Likely to be a sedate affair, it will probably consist of wine, a light, casual meal and talk. It all depends on the noders though so who knows really.

Crash space can be arranged if organised in advance, there is a BBQ and a pool which we may make use of. Air-conditioning is standard at nodermeets naturally, so the stinking hot and humid late Feburary weather won't be an issue. If you eat anything outlandish or have some interesting ingredients then bring them to BBQ (or cook inside if it's too hot to be out near the BBQ), some food will be available, BYO wine etc.

We're right near St Kilda Rd so Swanston St trams excepting Sth Melb Beach line will get you here fine, most parking around the apartment is free after 18:00 and the rest is from 18:30.

Coming: Pikers
  • inlet and iktata threatened to inflict inhumane puns on the unwary but spared us
  • Achromatic failed to trek into civilisation
  • Heisenberg is touring Europe, alright for some I suppose
  • Panamaus can not add this one to his extensive list of Australian nodermeets attended
  • Halspal disapproves of noder fraternisation, no word of his attitude to soriatisation
  • The Debutante is in the wrong country, on the wrong continent, in the wrong hemisphere
  • integrator is the first Australian on the Not List and has a field trip at Falls Creek counting plants
  • AnotherMartini is lounging on Cambodian beaches
  • size_of_a_p'nut is too little, too late as he arrives in town on Saturday