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October 8, 2000

O, Dem Bones...

As the The Day of Atonement approaches, I anxiously examine my conscience about that which I have done and that which I have failed to do.

I have clearly failed to log here the write-ups that I have killed. This clearly follows from the fact that I have failed to kill any write-ups at all in quite some time.

Why is this? Why am I not doing my editorial duty, and putting suffering write-ups out of their misery? Because I am bound by a higher duty, a prima facie obligation, to seek non-violent solutions to technical problems.

O, Dem Bones...

I come before you to crave a boon. Grant me the power to kill write-ups without penalty. I did not seek editorial powers, but having received them from your hands, I beg you to modify them to allow me to use them in good conscience.


October 10, 2000

O, Dem Bones...

Yom Kippur is over. I hope that you had an easy fast, if indeed you fasted.

I did not fast, as my health does not permit it. But I examined my conscience, meditated on my shortcomings, repented of them, and resolved to turn away from them. Atonement was achieved, without bloodshed.

But, O, Dem Bones...

My conscience still dictates that I must not use my editorial powers to kill write-ups, unless it can be done halachically and humanely, without penalty to the noder. Likewise, I would cherish the godlike power to bless, without the power to curse. However, I do not presume to ask to be as a god, lest The Most High smite me in my arrogance.

I only ask to do no harm as an editor.