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Relationships come and go, but friendships should last forever.


Why do relationships have to be different from friendships? Why can't they last forever as well? Why is everyone so obsessed over falling in love when they are surrounded by people who already love them?

Is it really so wrong to build a relationship from an already strong friendship? Why would anyone want to be in a relationship with someone who isn't their friend in the first place? Why must my love be limited because I am her friend? Why does there have to be a cap on friendship?

Fantasy is good and all, but is reality really that bad? Even when the fantasy hurts and lies, why is it preferable to dig a deeper hole so you can fall further into it?

Maybe reality isn't as exciting as the fantasy people create, but sometimes the reality is easier, and some people deserve easy.

I think I'm right. I don't understand how so many other people can be wrong. I don't understand how they can be happy when it's so hard for me.

I don't understand, and that is the source of my sorrow.

Why do I so badly want it to make sense?

I think too much.