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The Bus: And by "Bus" I mean the sort that you would take every day to get to work or school. Not the fancy Greyhound kind you would take for a long trip. I have to ride a county bus for an hour every morning and afternoon


This is an important rule and the best for trying to make the best of your bus ride. First, you will probably feel cramped if there is someone next to you. Second, these type of buses do not attract the kind of people you generally want sitting next to you. There will be dirty people, smelly people, morbidly obese people whose fat spills onto your lap, etc.

If you know people on this bus, it is easy, just move next to them if the bus starts to get full. However, when you don't know anyone or there is no one available to sit next to, you can run into trouble.

Try taking up the seat next to you with either your bag, jacket, or legs. People will not want to wait for you to move so they can sit down, and will move on. If they bus starts to get more full, pretend to sleep. They are even more reluctant to wake you so that you will move.

Although you want to avoid having someone sit next to you, never refuse to move your bag or legs when it is the last seat left on the bus. No one should have to stand while there is a seat left.

Sleeping: I have found it reasonably safe to sleep on the bus. I just keep a hand on the strap of my bag, more because I'm worried about it sliding away than someone stealing it.

The problem is actually getting to sleep. If someone is sitting next to you, you're pretty much screwed from my experience. You might have a chance at resting your head on the seat in front of you, but that doesn't work too well.

If you have two or three seats available, put your feet up and your head back, or if you have a big bag you can put that on the seat next to you, lean sideways, and rest your head on the bag (this position I find good for sleeping, but it can make your back hurt and your legs fall asleep).

If you are very lucky you will get the row of 5 seats in the back and sometimes on the side near the back, and you can just stretch out full length and use your bag or jacket to rest your head on.

Boredom:If you know people on the bus, you can talk with them, throw stuff at each other, whatever (sit in back, the bus driver won't notice and probably won't care if he does), as long as you don't disturb the other people too much.

Otherwise, sleep, bring a book, do homework, or something...

Leaks: If it rains, the bus may leak. Don't bother moving, because the leak will probably move and get you there too. Open an umbrella and arrange it in such a way as to protect you. You will look strange but it is worth it.