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The Anals of history are filled with inaccuracies I feel I must fill. Since the scourge of liberalism hit our shores after being exported from France in a container truck bound for Boston, our history has been altered by their diseased and damaged minds. I know this because I was there in some form. It may have been what the kids call "primordial."

When America was founded in 1492 by Antonio Americus, the first statue was erected on the beaches of glorious Jamestown. To honor the need for an authoritative figure to lead the new government, they turned to Professor Glen Hopkins of the Bayer Instutite for Direction in Government, located in Atlanta. Men with glorious erections put together a plan that was later scrapped when unknowingly the American people began electing candidates infected with the liberal plague who then infiltrated the government and changed some things to their liking.

The first Glorious President of the Empire, which is what America is properly known as in certain circles you have not been in recently, was Augustus Charlemagne. The Anals of History remember him as a wise leader who could not be questioned by the American people. We could use a little of that now, don't you think, given the disrespect the people have shown for the wise and godly President Donald Trump? The time has come for certain. We must return to the roots of the constitution, dissolve Congress and the Supreme Court and place Saint Donald in charge of all things. Prison camps are something I think about when I masturbate.

But I am not here to talk about playing with yourself (which is a liberal tradition - get your hands away from there because God is watching and he gets fucking furious if he sees your hands near your genitals for any reason other than to clean up and then rinse with warm water as needed). I am here to talk about The Anals of History. Herioditus, a great American philosopher of the 9th century, wrote of the dangers of liberalism for the first time. No one else had heard of the word, but there were certain people (all rightly executed) who wanted "freedoms" and "liberty." Herioditus knew allowing such things would destroy America, as would immigration. Only the native whites were allowed to own property and people. Some were said to own farm animals, but we all know the reason God put us here on earth was to wipe out every species and please him with our dominance.

That was the founding of America in 1492, and Herioditus predicted it some centuries before (it is impossible to determine how many as Herioditus lived in the 9th century and America was founded in 1492 - there is no solution mathematically because this is apples and oranges). Herioditus, who also pioneered the reverse-handed masturbation technique, died not knowing who his mother was or why he had been abandoned as an infant. This was the founding of America in 1492.
Conquest was the first word in the original American constitution, before it was corrupted by illegal immigrants with liberalism. The Americans were unable to kill them all, leaving Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis still alive to found a parallel universe America where freedom seemed to be more important than conquest and killing off species of birds and lizards with graphic impunity. I love to hold a small bird in my hand and then crush it while laughing. You should as well (try it and find out what a RUSH it is to kill something that is alive - GREAT!)

The Anals of History are quite informative and help you see beyond liberalism and the conspiracy that keeps this equivalent of mad cow disease (the name it is known of in the remote country of Scotland where the men have three testicles). I once held a Scottish man's three-ball assembly in my hand and crushed every bit of life out of it so I know what I am talking about and I am well versed in The Anals of History, which are quite informative and help you see beyond liberalism, which began in France where the men wore bloomers for many years. It was a French spy, Ernest Monatague, who helped Jefferson and Clinkscale rewrite the constitution to cater to liberalism and the spread of it (which is a disease supported by the deep state). Would it have been better if Nixon had intervened and kept Monatgue from being pardoned by John Clickscale Adams? Who can say. The Anals of History are not about asking questions. The Anals of History are about facts, pure and simple, and includes a recipe for cooking an infant on a gas grill without attracting the attention of police.

I know what I am talking about I swear to God. I have read The Anals of History and I am not fooled by public school texts. Broaden your mind and read something philosophical and deep like creationism. Things are CREATED, they are not just here. How can something just be fucking here? It was CREATED. Do some learning like I have done and don't come back until you agree with me.

There is a section on synonyms in The Anals of History which is something. You can look them up as needed. For example, buzz words like "freedom" and "equality" are actualy synonyms for liberalism, which is a synonym for mad cow disease (Scotland involvement). You can learn a thing or two from a book and The Anals of History is a book. Pick it up and read it.

Complete with pictures and Venn diagrams, The Anals of History is an important addition to any smart person's library. If you don't own it and haven't read it to see what facts are then you don't need to be out there in public. You need to go to an underground tunnel and lie there until you figure out what is wrong with you. There is no other way. You will see the various conclusions reached in the book and you will come to agree that these conclusions have indeed been reached in very rigorous fashion. It is clear from some of the word usage in The Anals of History that this is true. The discerning eye is able to tell the difference between facts and fake news as propagated by the deep state owned media in this country. Fake news does not know what it is like to do something rigorously. They take too much time reaching conclusions and therefore can be dismissed by a savy populace.

Approximately 98% of the books in the public library contains falsehoods and must be burned. Only The Bible and books that use it as their only reference should be carried by libraries and book sellers. Owners and librarians who do not comply should be ass raped in the hills. There is no other way.

These are hard truths and reading them will make you harder than you have ever been in your life. You will be able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and request a righteous job, one where you work sixteen hour shifts, seven days a week and you are periodically beaten to within an inch of your life by your boss to remind you of your place in society. There is no other way. It is clear from The Anals of History.

If you want to correct someone who isn't right in the head you don't need the fake liberal science of "psychology." You need a very large, powerfully built man to come inside your house and put your goddamned head through a plate glass window. If that doesn't work, we have ways of dealing with people like you. The tunnels below the Capitol building are filled with the corpses of people who wanted freedom. I still go down in those tunnels to masturbate from time to time.

Having grown up in a house attached to the side of the Berlin Wall you weren't thinking about just now, I learned that falsehoods can be spread. My father was an important government official in the German government in the thirties and forties before liberal hordes conquered Germany as the barbarians did to the Romans years before and the liberals had done in America in the sixteenth century. There was a whole lot of ass raping going on in America before the sixteenth century. What a time to be alive!

Along with ending the practice of systematic ass rape of the citizenry, liberalism had other horrible side effects. The Anals of History tell of a time when you could take a man with less money than you into the street and hit him in the face with a closed fist for two straight hours and people would applaud. These days, you can't kill anyone without some dumb fuck getting pissed off about it. These people have been castrated and cuckolded by their women and need to be stopped. There is no other way.

So, pick up a copy of the seven volume set, The Anals of History today. You will be glad you did. If you still doubt me I will tell you a story. Please only read this story if you doubt me. If you read this story and you don't doubt me, like a good American, then reading it might fuck you up and I want you remaining ready for hard labor in the camps. I don't want anything else.

In the 1950s when I was a teenager growing up in a house attached to the Berlin Wall, there was a man who came to our house. He had many medals on his uniform and he was one of my father's associates. He would take me down in the cellar, take his shirt off, and begin doing jumping jacks in front of me. For a while, I just stared at his well-developed physique, but then I realized that he was keeping his body in motion. What I want to do with all Americans is force their bodies to remain in motion twenty-four hours a day. No more sleeping or resting and certainly no breaks for any reason at the workplace. Any pause should be greeted by the foreman taking a hammer and slamming it into your skull so hard that you see cartoons from your childhood. There is no other way to make America Great Again. If we can cause just the right amount of brain damage to the working classes, using hammers, baseball bats, and tire irons making sharp, consistent blows to the head in just the right places, a compliant workforce will result. Time for the constitution to get another amendment don't you think? I know I do, because I have read all seven volumes of The Anals of History.

Photo courtesy of my mom, who was dissolved in a tub of acid as a revenge killing for something my father did during the war.