"We can change people's lives at three decibels"

- John Bramwell

I am kloot is a Manchester band formed in 1999, sometimes called a bastard of the New Acoustic Movement. The music is dominated by an acoustic guitar, but the quality and the sometimes slightly perverse feeling of the lyrics really set them apart from the other bands of the acoustic movement. I am kloot aren't as inoffensive as the rest of them. Singer Johnny Bramwell insults the audience if they don't laugh at his jokes and he sings about bathing in the water of the devil's daughter (whatever that means). For some reason he also makes a point of never owning a guitar ("I still don't own a guitar, and the terrible consequences and beauty of it will all be on the album"). I am kloot have been compared to John Cooper Clarke, Oasis ("Imagine a stoned Liam Gallagher on valium" - dotmusic), the La's and The Zombies. They play soft laid back music with jazz rythm. John Bramwells lyrics are, however, what makes them special.

"There's blood on your legs. I love you." - I am kloot, Twist

I am kloot was formed when singer/guitarist/songwriter John Bramwell returned to Manchester after a busking tour of the world (Athens, San Fransisco, Paris). He used his job as gig promoter at The Night And Day Cafe to find musicians for his band. Instead of booking their respective bands for gigs at the club, he made bassist Pete Jobson and drummer Andy Hargreaves join his band. When label boss Guy Lovelady called to promote one of his bands, it took John Bramwell 15 minutes to talk him into putting out I am kloot's first record. The band was very hyped by the british music press, and the album received a warm welcome upon its release.


Natural History (2001)
I am Kloot (2003)
Gods and Monsters (2005)

To you (2000)
Twist (2000)
Morning rain (2001)
Dark star (2001)

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