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If you use a handbrake instead of a foot operated parking brake, perhaps the best way to pull away would be this:

  1. With the car started and the handbrake on, clutch down, bring up the revs. It doesn't matter how high really, the higher the revs, the faster you're going to pull away! You get a feel for what's reasonable when you get some more practice.
  2. Put it into 1st gear and bring the clutch up to the friction point, or bite point in the UK. You know you've got to the right point when the back of the car starts to dip.
  3. Simultaneously release the handbrake and bring the clutch up more (gently), applying more revs if necessary.

This method works with flat, going uphill and downhill starts.

What Lia suggests below is called rev matching and is often used in motor sports. Not recommended if you ever have to sell your car or you intend to actually keep the original gearbox!

littlerubberfeet says that the synchros in the gearbox cause problems for rev matching and that it is easier in older or more 'abused' cars where the synchros are more worn out.