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The best known 'are-they-or-aren't-they' superhero duo.

The theme song to their Robert Smigel-penned and J.J. Sedelmaier-directed segments is:

The Ambiguously Gay Duo
They are taking on evil
come what may
They are fighting all crime
to save the day.
They're extremely close
in an ambiguous way!
They're ambiguously gay.
They're ambiguously gay.

Comedy Central let Smigel make at least 10 episodes of TV Funhouse, somewhat of a variety show with puppets, live action and cartoons including Ace and Gary segments, among others. Is this to be the next South Park? Only time will tell. So far, the duo has only shown up in the title sequence.

They also make an (aside) appearance in Smigel's foray into dead-tree comedy in the graphic comic adaptation of the X-presidents.

Cartoon on Saturday Night Live about a duo of costumed superheroes. The have a car shaped suspiously like a penis, that often has to ram through rocks that look suspiously like a pair of buttocks, and their main power seems to be when one jumps on the other's back and inappropriately thrusts his pelvis. The funny part is the confusion of enemies and allies as they try to figure out the duo's sexual orientation.

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