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We escaped from the house on the hill that has haunted so many of my dreams of late. It occurs to me just now that the house is modeled after the College of Fine Arts building. Inhuman in purpose. Symmetrical. Undergoing repair.

The whole family piled into the front seat of the pickup truck at the bottom of the hill. There was a big commotion about who would sit on whose lap to conserve space. It never got resolved. As we began to activate the time travel device, we saw another family heading off across the desert, just beside the railroad tracks. Then the world disappeared and we were at the far edge of the desert, years into the future. A beat up car pulled up beside us -- the very car we had seen before we left. The family inside thought we had taken the same path they had.

If I don't do something to pass the time, will the time cease to pass?

Back into the house to cause some more trouble. Evil nuns chasing us around. I lost my shoes in the elevator, and knew that our escape would be blocked if we tried to use the single exit so soon after being seen in flight, so decided to wait it out in the cafeteria. I ordered some everything pizza but when the waitress brought it to our table she explained that they had run out of everything except onions and some other weird stringy vegetable. Everyone insulted my choice of pizza.

Then we're in some corner watching TV and setting of fireworks, blowing up portions of the walls. Mom tells me to set off the nuke.

"Nuclear weapons aren't used in wars, but they're still used."

Most people don't realize Godzilla is an anti-nuclear-war thing.

I hear Dresden was worse than Hiroshima.

Everyone is watching Boy Meets World, the plot of which is eerily mirroring my disappearance from the crowd. I start work soldering the detonator.

This morning I had a series of odd dreams. But the only one I can remember now is probably the most disturbing of the bunch.

I'd been swallowed by a large whale. There was no plot leading up to this point... I just find myself in the stomach of a whale.

I start to quickly plan my escape. I have a pocket knife, can I cut through the stomach and get out? "No," I think, I'd then have to cut through other organs, and possibly a rib cage to get out.

I then realize it's dark. I'm half sitting on, half swimming in a mound of writhing fish. And my skin tingles -- stomach acid. I'm having to keep my head up in a pocket of air. It reeks of partially digested fish.

Suddenly there's another wave of fish and water. I have to scramble to find the air pocket again.

Ah! Maybe if I find where the esophagus enters the stomach, I can force my way in... maybe trigger a vomit-reflex. But, by this time I feel that I'm far under water. Even if I get out... there's no way I'll make it to the surface in time to get a breath. No, I'm doomed to be a whale's lunch.

I'm not even going to attempt to interpret this one. Suggestions welcomed!
I was on an LIRR platform waiting for the westbound train to the city, and according to the schedule it was going to be a while until my train came. I knew that the train now arriving was headed eastbound, but I followed the crowd and planned on boarding with them anyway.

I round the corner to find a giant white limo instead of a train. I shrug, hey, why the hell not..and climb into the backseat. The inside is set up in rows of seats as opposed to the normal open seating, and I climb into the backseat by my lonesome. The rows in front of me are pairs of business people, chatting away about their usual nonsense.

The driver gets on the highway and accelerates up to 60 mph. As he nears a sharp curve, the suit in front of me exclaimed, "Yeah! 60! That's how it should be!" As we start turning the curve, I realize we're not gonna make it. I whip out a survival manual and start reading about what I should do when the car goes over the ledge: undo seat belt, hold on to something, make sure the door is unlocked, as the car crashes toward water...

Too late. The car breaks through the railing on the side and starts plummeting towards the water below it. We fall past a lower roadway of the highway, down towards a deep, large pool of water encased in concrete walls. As the car crashes into the water, I open the door and climb towards it, but I still get sucked underneath with the car. However, since I was already halfway out i'm able to get free. I let go of a suitcase I'm trying to take with me, and only then am I able swim to the surface.

People are leaning over the railing of the lower roadway, which is only a couple of feet above the top of the water. I swim to a the inside of the concrete wall, pull myself up onto a ledge, and then sit there on the railing, naked. A few people in the crowd are discussing whether they should go down and try to rescue people out from the car, but they decide it's way too deep and everyone else has probably already drowned. Many voices talking about what just happened, a few people looking at me, asking if I'm okay. I'm fine, not damaged, but I have to make repeated requests for someone to toss me clothing because it's cold and I'm wet and naked. Finally, someone tosses me some scrubs.

I'm taken to the hospital even though I'm not injured, and a room is assigned to me. I make an appointment for 1700 hours with a persistent therapist who wants to talk about the crash. My mother comes to pick me up to drive me to a friend's party. My friend has all this furniture that they're throwing away, and all of it could double as BDSM furniture so I stake my claim on an item or two, later deciding against taking it only because I really have no space for it at home.

At one point, I was laying across a wide medical exam table talking to nailbunny and I realized it was short enough for us to lay on it sideways. I stayed there stretched out for a while and flirted with her. Then it was time to head back to the hospital.

By the time we get back, I realize that it's 1745 and I'm late (me? late? heh!) for the shrink appointment. I get off the elevator and as I'm scurrying back to my room, I run into the shrink and she drags me into her office to talk. Once I was in her office, though, I felt the need to go leave a note for my mom in my room telling her were I was. As I'm trying to figure out how mention it to her my mom walks by, catches a glimpse of me through the window and comes in to acknowledge the fact that she knows I'm here. Instead of just popping her head in, though, she walks all the way into the office towards a couch, seeming as if she's going to stay. Her pants are falling down revealing ass crack and I'm embarassed, so I start telling her to leave and the shrink reinforces it. Finally she leaves, seeming a bit absentminded.

The shrink and I start talking about the accident. I feel fine, no survivor guilt. As we're talking, this shady-looking grungy old guy walks in. The shrink tries to chase him out but he's not budging, and he starts confessing to murders. The shrink starts drawing, trying to work some art therapy magic to help get the confession out, and I start flipping through a medical magazine to ease my boredom. I come across an article about wuukiee. It says the reason that her communication skills are so poor is because she spent the first three years of her life as a monkey. While militant guys come in and take the murderer out, I point the article out to the shrink. She tells me that I shouldn't hug wuukiee, but I insist that she's my friend and I'll hug her if I want to! Besides, I think wuukiee's so much cooler now that I know she used to be a monkey...it's not freaky at all. :)

Yet another interesting dream, interrupted by reality.

Pool Jumping

  • A birthday party in an apartment building. I'm with August and Allen and people are going to an indoor swimming pool in the building's basement. We get down there and it looks more like a basement flooded with rainwater than a swimming pool. There's a platform about five stories above the surface with a ladder going down to the stagnant water layered with pond scum and water lillies. People start jumping from the high platform one at a time for thrills. I try to do it but I keep chickening out at the last moment. Finally I succeed and the fall triggers a lucid dream. From the water I fly up and back to the platform. We return to the party and I play around by waving my fingers to make all the lights in the room dance and flash in many colors.
I had a weird dream last night.
weird and sorta psychic.

I dreamt I was a man. But...like the man manifestation of myself. I was with my friend Elizabeth, and there was this man in her house and I was hiding in the bathroom to get away from him...he was trying to rape us or something (and since I was a man, I have no idea what that was about, but anyway) and I was crying, and then I went to pee and lost a testicle.

After the whole ordeal with the man was over, I was in some sort of big circus tent...? And I was telling this lady about it... and she said that it was ok, because you have three. That's sort of funny, but anyway. Then she castrated me, which wasn't funny.

The psychic part? Today, I went to the doctor and found out I was infertile. It doesn't have anything to with me losing genitals, but I think that the sexual part of me (or the manifestation of me) being lost in this dream signified the lost of sexual being, per se...the ability to procreate.

This has been weird, weird day.

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