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A restless night, with the dreams changing into completely different ones at a fast pace.

I can only remember one little detail:

I had let my hair grow past my shoulders, and dyed it black with extreme red highlights. With my semi-curly locks the hairdo actually looked quite intimidating. I was looking at myself in a mirror, surprisingly feeling happy with my new look.

No, I am not going to do that in real life. Short naturally-red hair suits me just fine.
painting the universe in my living room..

beige paint all over my green pants. went to wash it out, and it had turned green and disappeared before my eyes. noticed I haven't combed my hair in days.

woke up and realized that i really hadn't combed my hair in days, and that I am late in doing my mother's birdthday present (a painting). Funny how my subconscious reminds me of things like that. gotta watch out for that beige paint. it'll get ya every time.
I am standing in my doorway. In the street outside there is a procession.

It seems to be a parade of a few children, leading a big, green, stuffed round thing. This green thing is a little ominous--it is moving under its own power, and is dragging tendril-like things. The overall impression is some large monocellular organism. I even have the feeling that it is god.

Someone behind me says to one of the children in the procession "Not everyone likes themusic you do."

This, as they turn towards us--and enter.

Inside the front room there is a record player, playing something I like. But the green thing is suddenly over it, absorbing it. This is frightening.

Next instant, the green thing is over in a corner, now not squat and fat, but tall and thin. It disappears. In its place, the children who were in the procession appear. They wander away.

The record player is now over there, higher, on a shelf. I go over to it. On the turntable is a kind of record, but on the face of it is a clock.

Death Defying

  • Walking along an ocean cliff with two friends, I get the urge to be dangerous. So I take a running jump out over the water and catch hold of some tree roots sticking out of the cliff. I hang there for about twenty seconds, admiring the torrent churning below. It's strangely familiar, like I've had a dream here before. Anyway, I pull myself back up and we go home. They tell everyone that I hung there for twenty hours and there's all kinds of hoopla...

Last night I had a very disturbing dream. I found myself torn between two people, my ex-boyfriend, and a guy that I have very strong feelings for.

I was sitting on the couch in a shack, and I heard a knock on the little tin door. As I opened the door, they were both standing outside. they both seemed very happy, yet surprised to see me, and walked in. We all sat down and started chatting over some tea, and towards the end of the conversation my ex said to me "Kelly, we have something to tell you". I immediately thought that I was going to end up choosing between the two, and to my surprise, the other guy said to me "Kelly, your ex and I are an item now".

I woke up shaking, and had no idea what that was about.

I hope that dreams do not have a way of coming true.

I went to bed with a full tummy and tired eyes...

I was in this house and it wasn't a familiar one, it didn't have very many windows but yet there was a great deal of light. I was looking out this one window and I could see the sun, which wouldn't have been so strange if it wasn't for the fact it was night time. I went outside to check out the display of colors. I walked out the door and there was a moon, a sun, and some other planets clearly in view. The sky was cloudy and dismal, but yet the spherical shapes were moving in perfect view. I looked around to see if anyone was with me and this guy, who I've never seen before, but had been in many of my past dreams came and hugged me and told me it was going to be okay. I asked him what was happening and he told me we had to go inside. All of a sudden I heard a noise and I looked at the kitchen, this fire ball had fallen out of the sky, and landed in the middle of the kitchen. It burned for a bit and then went out. The guy who was with me told me it was from the sun... he said little bits of the sun are falling off. We went into this huge freezer where there were many other people. I didn't recognize any of them except for my friend Janis aka hamster bong, my mom, dad, sister, one of my ex boyfriends Curtis, and this strange guy. We all held each other watching other people run around in a panic, suddenly I heard a noise, I looked behind me and the fire ball fell about 2 feet away from me. I heard another bang and I closed my eyes, and that's when I woke up.

I'm not sure what this dream meant, but I do know this dream was the dream that inspired me to paint again, and so paint I shall.
  • Making my way through a crowd of students. It is autumn.
  • It is urgent that i open the door and find out what that is in the back room. The door is enormous and blue, opens easily. It keeps opening and opening, and i never see the room.
  • Someone climbs up a high brick wall like a spider. Gripping a ledge, he removes one of the stone faces and lets it fall, climbing into the hole beyond.
  • A narrow stone street set up as a farmer's market has seen no people for probably months. The piles of vegetables, squashes and fruit are covered with thick soft dust and mold, orderly, bountiful and grey-blue.
  • In a park, we stop to rest. He sits on a bench, i stand leaning on a tree. He leans his head on my stomach. I hear a hissing/rustling and casually try to spot its source - a demon in one of those piles of leaves? the wind in the branches above? i say nothing in order not to alarm him, but look around frantically at any possible source. I become sure it is in one particular direction but can't look that way because my face is pressed against the tree.
    His chest is the tree and the noise is his breathing.

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