The robot sidekick to Zim on the Nickelodeon TV show Invader Zim. After Zim accidentally attacked his Homeworld of Irk, the Allmighty Tallest made him embark on a mission far, far away to get rid of him.

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Every Irken Invader is assigned a robotic sidekick- Standard Information Retrieval unit known as a S.I.R. As a cruel joke, the The Allmighty Tallest threw together some garbage and told Zim it was a "top secret" SIR model named G.I.R. What does the "G" stand for? GIR doesn't know. GIR has trouble telling "Up" from "Down." But GIR does know that Zim is his master, and that taquitos are good. More likely to laugh and jump around than actually assist Zim, GIR is insane.
GIR loves cupcakes, can't stay still, and sings The DOOM song relentlessly. He's probably the single reason it's the top show on Nickelodeon right now despite all the dark, twisted humor from the Hot Topic Comics that people love. Gir is just so cute and cuddly, and the funniest character.

Gir has ruined many of Zim's plans, by tampering with equipment, leaving a door unlocked and the security systems off. In one episode, he got trapped in the house computers and made the house rampage through the city to get Tacos. he has wild mood swings, going from sobbing to utter happiness. He watches TV all day, and is in love with the Scary Monkey from the Scary Monkey Show. He'll also eat anything; action figures, candy, sawdust, chocolate bubble gum slurpees, and Tacos!

Gir's got some amazingly cool gadgets inside him, like a huge arsenal of guns, which he never uses, he just points them at people, and then starts doing headstands and stuff. Whenever his eyes turn red, it shows that he's actually working properly for a change, like when Zim gives him a command and he goes red-eyed and salutes. Most of the time he's blue-green eyed, and tries to hug everything, even the enemies he's supposed to attack.

He's also got rocket engines in his paws, although he'll take out the fuel and put tuna fish in there sometimes, in case he gets hungry.

Some great lines:
Zim: Gir! I've been captured!
Gir: Yaaay!
Zim: No, that's very bad Gir!
Gir: Yaaaay!

Zim: This is a hunter des-
Gir: What is it?
Zim: A hunter des-
Gir: What is It?!
Zim: A hunter des-

Gir: ...but I neeeed Tacos! I need them or I will explode! That happens to me sometimes...

Gir: Yay! We're Doomed!

Gir: Whyyy! I loveded you piggy! I loveded you.

Gir: Gir, reporting for duty.
Zim: Gir? What does the 'G' stand for?
Gir: I don't know. Yeeheehehehehee! {Bounces around on his metal head}
Zim: ...Is it supposed to be stupid?
The Allmighty Tallest: It's not stupid, it's advaaanced.

Gir is most famous among little kids for singing The Doom Song, doom doom doom doom

The store Hot Topic ( sells stuffed GIR plushies, there are 2 types. One is the small robot, the other has his doggie costume on. The doggy one is HUGE, i mean larger than my pillow for just the head alone.

Gir is voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons, a guy with a cool website at He also did the color for I feel Sick comics, so he and Jhonen Vasquez go back a bit. (thanks MALTP)

A GIR is also a vodka based drink. Its recently created, and shall soon be the rave of South Tucson.

Mixing instructions: decidedly easy. Take your highball glass, fill just under half of it with Grey Goose. This seems like a lot, I know, but thats part of the insanity. Next fill the glass with the aformentioned grapefruit juice.

The beautiful beautiful thing about this drink is its capability to make studying happen quicker.

If mixed correctly, the drink will be pink. Just a shade or two under GIR's eyes when saluting and proclaiming "YES SIR!" If it tastes off to you, then you made it wrong. Chug, and try again so as to not fail.

Obviously, G.I.R. stands for Grapefruit Juice In Really-neat-alcohol. However after two or three, you are guaranteed to ask everyone around you "whats the G stand for?"

The name GIR was decided on, as its just wacky enough to be good, its tasty enough that girls will like it, and what better fruit to suit a small green robotic dog than a grapefruit? (And if you say Kiwi.... so help me. *shakes fist*)

If made with more precise measurements, as well as Skyy Vodka, this drink is a Blue Dog

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