Michael Savage, well known radio commentator and author of Savage Nation, a New York Times best seller, has extreme right wing views, which he espouses on the air. Now, organizations across the country are angry with MSNBC for giving him his own television show. According to FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), here are a few of Savage's noteworthy comments:
  • Often calls non-white countries "turd world nations"
  • Says "the U.S. "is being taken over by the freaks, the cripples, the perverts and the mental defectives"
  • Declares "We need racist stereotypes right now of our enemy in order to encourage our warriors to kill the enemy,"
  • On immigrants:"You open the door to them, and the next thing you know, they are defecating on your country and breeding out of control"
  • On immigrants and homosexuals: "With the Latino population that has emerged, since they breed like rabbits, in many cases the whites will become a minority in their own nation... The white people don't breed as often for whatever reason. I guess many homosexuals are involved. That is also part of the grand plan, to push homosexuality to cut down on the white race"
  • On American children killed by guns: "They’re not kids, they’re ghetto slime... they’re the same kids that are in Sierra Leone toting AK47s."
  • On the Million Mom March: "Million Dyke March"
  • Says Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O'Connor, along with Sen. Hillary Clinton have:"feminized and homosexualized much of America, to the point where the nation has become passive, receptive and masochistic."
  • When discussing student volunteers giving food to the homeless in San Francisco: "the girls from Branson school can go in and maybe get raped... because they seem to like the excitement of it. There's always the thrill and possibility they'll be raped in a dumpster while giving out a turkey sandwich"

So just who is Michael Savage, and how did such a hate filled man get such a powerful voice? Well, to start, his real name is Michael Alan Weiner, he's 60, Jewish, and was born in the Bronx. He lives in California now. Savage's parents were Jewish immigrants from Russia. After college, Savage went as far from home as possible, Oahu, Hawaii, hoping to follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. He took masters work in anthropology and botany, and studied traditional herbal remedies throughout the South Pacific. Energized by the potential of these traditional remedies, he began a crusade to save this "ethnic wisdom". In Fiji, Savage met (and swam naked with) Allen Ginsberg, beat poet extraordinaire. Savage moved to California, where he did his thesis on nutritional ethnomedicine (now he says it was epidemiology and nutrition science). He began to drive to North Beach in San Francisco, hanging out at the City Lights Bookstore with the likes of Neeli Cherkovski and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

However, in the late Seventies and early Eighties, Mr. Savage leaned further and further to the right. Fed up with not being able to get anywhere just because he thought he was being discriminated against for being a white male, he started his own talk show in San Francisco in 1994. He's also started the Paul Revere Society which encourages the imprisonment of antiwar activists for sedition. And, he's said all of the above.

Welcome to the Savage Nation...


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