Pronuncuation: "How-rah-greens-cool-ar".

Home made christmas candy that used to be very popular in Denmark, but has lately gone a bit out of style. Chocolates seem to be the generic christmas candy these days, however this is still a classic and deserves to be appreciated as such. Also, I like them :).

As usual this recipe should not be considered canon in any way.


Some people also add:

  • Orange juice instead of water.
  • Dessicated coconut instead of or in combination with the oatmeal.
  • Boiled cream or leftover coffee (drinkable, not powder). YUK!!
  • Crushed Corn Flakes instead of rolling the balls in oatmeal.


Mix the ingredients, including the three deciliter of oatmeal, well in a reasonable size bowl, until you have a firm dough. Use a teaspoon to pick chunks of the dough and roll it into small balls that are around two centimeters in diameter. Then roll the balls in the loose oatmeal.

That's it. No baking or anything. The Oatmeal balls are ready to eat.

Storage and serving

Store the finished oatmeal balls in a closed jar in the refrigerator or any place not too warm. Before you serve them, remove them from the refrigerated storage and let them rest a bit. They should be served somewhat below room temperature, but not so cold that you take particular notice. If they get too warm they will get kind of gooey, since the butter will start melting.

The finished oatmeal balls will keep for a couple of weeks to a month if stored cold.

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