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The hundred and nineteenth psalm is the chapter with the most verses, in the book with the most chapters, in the whole Bible. It has 176 verses, which divide themselves up naturally into groups of eight. The reason for this lies in the fact that in Hebrew the psalm is an alphabetic acrostic, with eight verses beginning with each of the twenty-two Hebrew consonants. I have here divided the verses up into these twenty-two groups of eight, as in the Book of Common Prayer and in most common usage, the sections are treated as short individual psalms. The names here given to the Hebrew characters are those listed in the Authorized Version or King James Bible, a choice made for familiarity and convenience.

Aleph: Verses 1-8
Beth: Verses 9-16
Gimel: Verses 17-24
Daleth: Verses 25-32
He: Verses 33-40
Vau: Verses 41-48
Zain: Verses 49-56
Cheth: Verses 57-64
Teth: Verses 65-72
Jod: Verses 73-80
Caph: Verses 81-88
Lamed: Verses 89-96
Mem: Verses 97-104
Nun: Verses 105-112
Samech: Verses 113-120
Ain: Verses 121-128
Pe: Verses 129-136
Tzaddi: Verses 137-144
Koph: Verses 145-152
Resh: Verses 153-160
Schin: Verses 161-168
Tau: Verses 169-176

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Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
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Book: Psalms
Chapter: 119

The psalmist prays to God to deliver him from false and
malicious Tongues. (1-4) He complains of wicked neighbours.

1-4 The psalmist was brought into great distress By a deceitful
tongue. May every good Man be delivered from lying lips. They
forged false charges against him. In this distress, he sought
God By fervent Prayer. God can Bridle their Tongues. He obtained
a gracious answer to this Prayer. Surely sinners durst not act
as they do, if they knew, and would be persuaded to think, what
will be in the End thereof. The terrors of the Lord are his
Arrows; and his wrath is compared to burning coals of Juniper,
which have a fierce heat, and keep Fire very long. This is the
portion of the false tongue; for all that Love and make a Lie,
shall have their portion in the lake that burns eternally.

5-7 It is very grievous to a good Man, to be cast into, and
kept in the company of the wicked, from whom he hopes to be for
ever separated. See here the character of a good Man; he is for
living peaceably with all men. And let us follow David as he
prefigured Christ; in our distress let us cry unto the Lord, and
he will hear us. Let us follow after peace and Holiness,
striving to overcome evil with good.

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