A college in Troy, NY with about 4,499 Undergraduates and 2,000 Graduate students.

I used to go to RPI back in the Day. And by back in the Day, I mean two months ago, before I was dismissed, due to failing three courses in one semester.

If you ever converse with a student or alumni of RPI, please keep in mind a few things:
1. Don't call it Rensselaer. Don't call it Rochester or RIT or WPI. Either Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or to save some breath, RPI.
2. It is not a community college, nor a junior college, nor is it anything like DeVry. It is a fully accredited four-year college with a very strong Engineering program. Just because you never heard of it, doesn't mean it's not a good school.
3. The male:female ratio at RPI is 3:1. Think about it.
Being a current student, I have quite a few thoughts on this place. First, it's the oldest engineering school in the world. We are a favorite among businesses, we get hired everywhere. Engineers from RPI get jobs quite easily and go on to do great things (like go to grad school at MIT or Caltech where they proceed to forget about their RPI roots).

RPI is famous for things like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Ferris Wheel, MapQuest and the worst female population at any University (we call them gyno-americans); The male: female ratio is actually 4:1.

RPI also does a lot of cutting edge research with other schools that get all the credit because they have a division 1 football team(or basketball, etc).

The Fraternity/Sorority system at RPI is also big, but not forced.

One of the best things about RPI is the fact that the faculty actually runs the place like a business. So you are hated by the school, but loved for the money you're paying to go there. This basically means the food sucks, and we have no regular food vendors on campus.

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