On the 5 Basic Elements of the Discordians
& Their Chief Correspondences
as They Pertain to the
Erisian Mysterees

"To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short."
-- Confucius

Even though, and oddly enough, it is my firm belief that it is a mistake to hold firm beliefs, Our Lady of Discord has prompted me to type this for ease of use, on this Prickle-Prickle, the 1st day of Discord in the YOLD 3190. After consultation with my pineal gland, Ralph, and the Prions of the Elders of Zion, as well as years of independent research and development, the following correspondences and affinities are provided for informational purposes only, or not. Use at your own risk (of course), especially if engaging in some sort of chaos magic. Not to be taken seriously, or internally, amongst other things. Do not circulate. Do not validate. Do not pass go. Those that do will be fulfilled and enlightened. Can I go back to sleep now?

Realize your connection with the Infinite.

Common Table of Correspondences to the Five Erisian Elements
Element Sweet Boom Pungent Prickle Orange
Numeral 1 11 5 6 12
Monkey Bat Robot Hat Greyface Shatner
Color White Blue Black Red Green
Sense Taste Hearing Smell Touch Sight
Flavor Sweet Umami Sour Salty Bitter
Realm Plains Island Swamp Mountain Forest
Moment Morn Time Day Prickle Setting
Sphere Earth Water Air Fire Void
Domain Metal Elimination Wood Blood Digestive
Power Animal Rabbit Raven Coyote Wolf Spider
Planet Mercury Jupiter Venus Mars Saturn
House The Out House Apostles of Eris The Rising Podge The Rising Hodge The Rising Collapse
Archangel of
KezefI AfII HemahIII MasshitIV MeshabberV
Step to
Realization Understanding Willpower Imagination Wisdom

I: Angel of Wrath & Destruction
II: Angel of Anger & the Death of Mortals
III: Angel Over the Death of Domestic Animals
IV: Angel Over the Death of Children
V: Angel Over the Death of Animals

Omnia Discordia

The Five Elements was the fighting style practiced by the character Ghost Faced Killer (inspirer of the Wu-Tang Clan moniker, Ghostface Killah) in the movie The Mystery of Chess Boxing.

A trope of the film is that each time Ghost Faced Killer shows up to take revenge on one of the gang leaders who in the past tried to have the killer killed, he (Ghost Faced Killer) throws a medallion on the ground, by which his victim immediately recognizes who his about-to-be-attacker is, prompting the victim to exclaim, "Ghost Faced Killer"!! Clearly a motif stolen from the earlier horror film, Bag of Crushed Child, but I digress. The other thing each victim has in common is their immediate recognition of Ghost Faced Killer's fighting style -- The Five Elements.

But The Five Elements is not a contrivance for the film. It is a genuine Xing Yi Quan fighting style, built around five key strikes, each evoking a different traditional Chinese element (and to be clear in this style, The Fifth Element is not Love). In the actual tradition, the five elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. In actuality, though, the style of fighting ultimately engaged in in the film is more like Gymkata (for how acrobatic it is, with flips 'n shit) meets Dance Dance Revolution (for how clearly choreographed it is between the combatants). And here is an awesome supercut of all Ghost Faced Killer's fight scenes.

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