Virtuagirl is a program for MS-Windows that features women in various states of dress and undress (mostly the latter.) It that runs in the background and every so often, a tiny (less than 100 pixels tall, I'd guess) digitized and animated woman pops up on screen above the menu bar and dances or strips for you. It's a little bit like xroach, except that instead of cockroaches running around the screen, it's a nekkid woman.

I think it's supposed to be Erotic, but it ends up being Silly. It's almost like watching a stripper in a football stadium on the fifty-yard line while you're sitting high above the end zone. Still, it's pretty good to put on unsuspecting colleague's computers.

The url is:

(No, it's not misspelled. I guess the domain "virtualgirl" (with an "l") was already taken.)

It should perhaps be noted that you don't actually get any VirtuaGirl animations featuring nudity without paying for the software.

It is, however, very easy to get it without paying a premium. Sign up for a three-day trial account, then use a download manager like GetRight to download everything on the site - but you better be on broadband, it's more than two gigabytes of data.

Keep in mind to delete your account once you're done, otherwise your trial account will be turned into a full account, which means you'll be billed insane amounts of money for something you already have.

I agree with eric+ that VirtuaGirl is more of a silly toy that something which one can actually gain sexual pleasure from. But for $3, I think it's worth it.

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