Another man's tool. It is very difficult to look nonchalant when using a crowbar.

A crowbar tends to be a 6-7 foot steel bar weighing ~20 kg. Imagine a giant nail. One end is usually sharpened (much like a blunt pencil) and the other end has a flat head.

A crowbar's main purpose is to be slammed into the ground (pointy end down) and break it up, so that a shovel may scoop the dirt out, when digging. But they make excellent levers for removing stumps and other bigger heavier objects.

Crowbaring is the harder of (digging related) jobs, and impresses girls the most, as you tend to sweat alot when using this tool. (chicks dig sweaty guys!)

Young children will look up to you ( as they generally have problems lifting it) chicks will dig you, is there nothing this tool will do for you???

Crowbars are often mistaken for Jimmy bars - a shorter S shaped tool, which can be carried in one hand. Be aware of this imation!

The crowbar is the first and most basic weapon that can be obtained in Valve Software's FPS game Half-Life. It is a melee weapon; that is, it has a medium-to-powerful attack at extremely close range. Aside from perhaps a direct hit with the gluon gun, few things are more satisfying than sneaking up behind your opponent and capping him several times in the head with a heavy piece of metal. In Half-Life: Opposing Force, it was replaced, for whatever reason, with a pipe wrench, as well as (later on) a knife. Half-Life's most popular mod, Counter-Strike, also features a knife.

Crowbar Strategies: None. No, I'm serious. In a multi-player game, it is virtually guaranteed that you will never need to use this weapon; you almost always have something better, and if you don't, going up against your crossbow-packin' opponents with a crowbar will only end in tears and ill will. If you have no other choice, though, your best bet is to find two people involved in a shootout, sneak up behind one of them, and give him a quick love tap or two. Then grab his piece.

Happy smackin'!

In computer geek parlance, to crowbar something is to gain access to it in a manner which bypasses the ordinary security measures intended to stop people from gaining administrative access. This could range from shorting the CMOS clear jumper to clear a BIOS password to putting a serial console on a Cisco router in order to change the configuration. As these examples illustrate, the most common cause of crowbarring is a lost password, either due to forgetting it, or due to an admin departing a company.

Generally speaking, networking devices are crowbarred by the use of a serial console. Some of them are passwordless for a few seconds after being powered on; some can be sent into a diagnostic monitor by sending a break during POST/boot and you can then change a configuration register in order to disable security. Computers, on the other hand, are usually crowbarred either at the boot prompt by sending a machine into single-user mode, or by booting (via floppy disk or CD-ROM) the same operating system as on the machine (or sometimes a different one) and changing some files in order to change a password.

Crow"bar` (kr?"b?r), n.

A bar of iron sharpened at one end, and used as a lever.


© Webster 1913.

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