On gigantic iron clawed feet
he stumbles and shambles
through the door at the office
The secretary doesn't even
glance at him
just an offhand "Hi, Leo"
He stops
and stutters a quiet "Hi"
over tusks too large for his mouth
She doesn't answer him
He lurches away
He hurries to his tiny desk
at the back of the office
He fumbles with his pens
His spade claws are too clumsy
When everyone else breaks for coffee
a token invitation is given to him
No one expects him to accept
They don't really want him along
He's boring
No one is disappointed
He stammers his "No thank you"
and they leave him alone
to suck on a juice box
and worry over his typing
He flutters his leathery wings nervously
At 5
when the office goes home
he stays another 2 hours
working on the chores
that everyone else was too lazy to do
At last, he
slides his bulk into
his little blue Toyota
tucks his tail into the back seat
and drives home
He eats a meager dinner
of lizard hearts and chili
then sits under a dim lamp
until bedtime
and reads old old books

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