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Hmmm. First time I've ever written a Daily Evil. It's deserved.

As I passed a woman and her child today on the way to McDonald's, the woman said, "Merry Christmas" to me as I passed. To this I gave my usual reply, "Thank you, ma'am. And a Happy Chanukah to you."

At this point her face got all scrunched up as if trying to believe I actually said such a thing. Then, after a moment, she said, "There's no need for profanity, young man."

Now I was pissed off for two reasons. One, that she described my religion (by birth, anyway) as "profanity". I believe (by interpreting the look of disdain on her face) that she understood what I said and was deliberately trying to insult me, as opposed to believing I had cursed at her in some foreign language. Two, that she called me young man, something I thought I'd never have to hear again after I turned twelve.

So, I said something truly evil.

"Ma'am, what's your son's name?"
"Jonathan, why?"
"Jonathan, there's no Santa Claus."

Evil Rating: 10/10, without question. It may only have deserved a 9, but I'm giving myself the last point as bonus for working the evil in under the guise of cordiality.