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The Balboa is an 8 count dance perfect for songs you'd consider too fast for Jitterbug or Lindy Hop. Unlike swing, leader and follower dance chest-to-chest in a closed position making the dance very intimate. The basic Balboa steps are easy to learn too. For the leader, you start with your left foot... Left foot back, right foot together, left foot step forward then step back so that it's next to the right foot... then step forward with the right foot, bring the left up so that both feet are together, then step back with the right foot and then bring the right foot back together next to the left foot.

Leader steps (followers: do the opposite):
back (L), together (R), forward (L) back (L), forward (R), together (L), back (R) together (R)

Repeat, leaning in with your chest against your partner's chest. You should both be pressing up against each other and your feet should be moving underneath you. Balboa is all about footwork and intimacy. Enjoy!